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Arthur Lost and Found
Arthur Lost and Found Book Cover
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date September 1, 1998
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 9780439133029
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur's Computer Disaster (1997)
Followed by
Arthur's Underwear (1999)

Arthur Lost and Found is the 24th book in the Arthur Adventure series. It was written and illustrated by Marc Brown and was published by Little, Brown and Company on September 1, 1998. It is based on "Lost!".


Differences from the TV episode[]

  • Arthur and Buster took the bus together and both get lost across the city. In the episode, only Arthur was the one to get lost.
  • In the book, Arthur and Buster have more money when they come to the diner, but they spent it without thinking on Chocolate Winkies and Strawberry Soda. In the episode, Arthur went into the diner with no money left, but was given a free meal.
  • The Manny's Diner waitress is a rabbit with a white complexion; but in the episode, her skin was brown.
  • In the book Arthur thought up the idea of talking to the bus driver himself. In the episode the waitress suggested it.
  • In the book, Sam wore glasses. In the episode, he wasn't wearing glasses.