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"Arthur Makes Waves"
Season/Series: 9
Number in season: 6a
Original Airdate: United States April 4, 2005[1]
Canada May 19, 2005[2]
Germany January 4, 2008[3]
Written by: Raye Lankford
Storyboard by: Patricia Atchison
Robert Yap
"All Worked Up"
"It Came From Beyond"
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"Arthur Makes Waves" is the first half of the sixth episode in the ninth season of Arthur.


The community pool is closed for repairs, so Arthur and D.W. accept an invitation to James' pool. However, Arthur ends up discovering that his old nemesis, Molly, is James' older sister.


Buster talks about how some kids can not get along. The Tough Customers and Arthur's friends are then seen arguing as cavemen, farmers and ranchers, and as teenagers from the 1950s.

Arthur Makes Waves

On a very hot day, Arthur and D.W. go to the community pool but find it closed for repairs. They try the Tibbles' pool, until the twins wreck it. At Muffy's pool, she makes them work her pedalo. Grandma Thora takes them to the Senior Center pool, but the water there is too warm and they don't feel very comfortable there. They try the normally air-conditioned library, but the air-conditioner there is broken.

While walking to find somewhere else to cool down, they come by a house with splashing and laughing sounds coming from it. They walk up to the fence and find out it's the home of D.W.'s friend James. There's a big metal pool in the backyard and Mrs. MacDonald lets the children play in it. However, James' big sister Molly (a Tough Customer) wants to stop them, but D.W. refuses to leave.

Molly talks to Rattles on the phone. He advises her to make Arthur and D.W.'s stay unpleasant, so they will not come again.

Molly puts a hose across the middle of the pool, dividing the pool into 2 sides, and says the kids have to swim on one side of the pool while she swims on her's. Arthur, D.W., and James still have fun, and Molly ends up having fun with them. Molly teaches Arthur to throw a basketball, and Arthur teaches her to squirt water from her palms.

After swimming, they get ice cream at The Sugar Bowl. When Rattles walks in and sees Molly with Arthur, she is embarrassed. Arthur makes it look like she had forced him to buy her ice cream because he used her pool.

At the park, Arthur and Molly agree to pretend not to like each other when their other friends are around. However, Muffy catches them shaking hands.

Muffy thinks that Arthur and Molly are in love and tells her friends this. Buster visits Arthur to see for himself. Just then, Molly brings Arthur a ball. When she sees Buster, she pretends to be angry at Arthur. Arthur tells her to meet him at the library.

At the library, Arthur gives Molly a book on finger tricks. When Slink walks by, they pretend to dislike each other, then they go to play basketball. Both Brain and Slink see them walk together.

Arthur's friends have a fantasy of Arthur becoming a bully, while the Tough Customers have a fantasy of Molly becoming a nerd. Both groups decide to put a stop to it. On their way to Molly's house, they team up.

When they do not find Arthur with Molly, they are satisfied. Together, the third-graders and Tough Customers go out for a milkshake to celebrate not becoming friends. When they are gone, Arthur and D.W. pass by on their way to the reopened community pool. Arthur and Molly playfully trade insults but part as friends.






  • On international airings, the moment the cold open fades out completely, it jump-cuts to the title card. There was also no fade-out.

Episode connections[]

  • When D.W. shows up at James's pool, he asks, "You don’t need me to kiss you again, do you?" This is a reference to "Kiss and Tell."
  • Molly's hangout at the school playground in "The Law of the Jungle Gym" makes a brief appearance in a flashback.
  • Francine talks about how she thinks Arthur and Molly are in "L.O.V.E." to the tough customers. Binky and Muffy previously assumed Arthur and Francine were in love in "Arthur and the Square Dance"
  • D.W. stands up to Molly, just like Muffy did in "The Law of the Jungle Gym". They were the only two characters in the series to ever stand up to her before she stopped bullying.


Molly in a swimsuit.
  • In Slink's imagination, the red lightning bolt on his shirt disappears for a second before he drops his tray.
Molly's missing legs and lower torso.


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