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"Arthur Makes the Team"
Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 19b
Original Airdate: United States October 31, 1996[1]
Canada January 30, 1997[2]
Germany January 8, 2002[3]
Written by: Tom Hertz
Storyboard by: Jean Lajeunesse
"D.W. Rides Again"
"Arthur's Almost Boring Day"
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"Arthur Makes the Team" is the second half of the nineteenth episode in the first season of Arthur. It was later adapted into the book Arthur Makes the Team.


Arthur and the gang form a baseball team, with Francine as assistant coach.


Arthur is playing in his first ever Little League game, and is standing in the outfield. He fantasizes about being a professional ball player, and hitting a home run that goes so high, it passes an airplane. His teammates pick him up and cheer. Back in reality, the ball comes to him. He stands with his glove stretched out, and the ball falls beside him.

Arthur Makes the Team

Arthur and Buster walk down the street. Arthur is not sure he will be good at baseball. Buster tests Arthur by throwing him his "Busterball" pitch, and the ball bounces off of a telephone pole, a drainpipe, and a mailbox. Arthur has a chance to catch it, but the ball ends up in the sewer.

At the ballpark, kids gather around the roster list to see who made the team. Arthur and Buster are both on the team, along with Francine, Binky, Brain, Sue Ellen, Prunella, Fern and Muffy. Binky claims the catcher position. Everybody wants to be the pitcher, but at the team's first practice, Coach Oliver Frensky, Francine's father, notes that the team motto is teamwork, meaning everybody contributes.

Through the practice, Brain clearly emerges as the best pitcher. Meanwhile, Francine throws the ball too high, which leads to teasing from Buster. In the outfield, Arthur makes several catching errors and is subject to teasing from Francine.

Before the first game against Mighty Mountain, Buster gives Arthur his good luck charm: an old carrot, promising him that with it, he won't miss. During the game, Arthur has a ball bounce off his glove for a home run. He returns the carrot to Buster, telling him he thinks "it's broken." The team ends up losing.

After the game, Oliver treats them all to ice cream at The Sugar Bowl. Francine mocks Arthur and his trouble with catching baseballs, saying he'll drop his ice cream cone. Later, she comments on her hopes of being on a "real" team some day, since "it would be nice to win." Brain mentions a mistake that Francine herself made while pitching, and this leads to an argument amongst the team, much to the dislike of their coach. After he calms them down, he notices that Arthur isn't around. They see Arthur outside, hanging his head and walking home.

At home during dinner, Arthur is still upset. David encourages him, saying that Arthur paid attention during the game, which is the most important part of baseball. D.W. snarkily brings up Arthur's inability to catch the ball, and Arthur agrees with this, noting that his teammates have also blamed him for this. At the Frenskys' apartment, Francine tries to convince Oliver to "fire" Arthur from the team. She claims that her pitching troubles are partly because she's worried about "what dumb" mistake Arthur will make. Oliver gives Francine the assignment of assistant coach; her first job is to help Arthur.

Arthur and Francine practice together the next day. Francine shows Arthur how to shield his eyes from the sun to make catches. In return, Arthur teaches Francine how to throw straight. In the end, they are both successful. Francine apologizes to Arthur for having teased him.

At the team's playoff game against Mighty Mountain, Arthur gets a hit. Later, he runs down a fly ball and makes the catch. He throws it to Francine, who throws it to Binky. Binky tags the runner (attempting to score) out, causing Buster to faint from excitement. Buster then hits a ball, to which Mighty Mountain catches it and wins the game. Francine starts to say something about Buster's mistake, but after a reminder from Arthur, she congratulates Buster for trying his best. Arthur suggests that Francine give Buster some pointers like she did for him, and she agrees. She thanks Arthur for stopping her from teasing Buster, and he in turn thanks her for the help she gave him. He remarks that they are learning teamwork. Before running off to help Buster, Francine reminds Arthur that basketball season is coming up, and she'll have another opportunity to tease Arthur if he "stinks" at that sport, (although she might be kidding).






  • George wants to be the pitcher too, despite not being on the team list.
  • This episode's title along with "Buster Makes the Grade" is likely a spoiler on whether or not if the conclusion comes true.
  • The Little League team Arthur plays for counts ground-rule doubles as home runs. In one play, the ball hit Arthur’s glove, then went over the fence.


  • When Arthur hits a ball at the playoff game, his yellow baseball cap becomes orange.
  • Mrs. Powers' new blonde hair and pale complexion is seen, but did not catch on at that time, and her original brown hair and brown complexion was still being used until in "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver" from Season 2.
  • In the beginning of the episode, everyone standing near the list made the team. However, Alex was standing next to Binky and was not on the baseball team.

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