Arthur: Hey, everyone, I have great... news!
Prunella: Two things.
ALL: What, Arthur?
Mr. Rogers is coming to school tomorrow.
Buster: Wow! really? Mr. Rogers? That's...
MUFFY: Ahem.
Buster: What's the matter?
Muffy: Mister Rogers, Do they think we're babies or something?
Binky: Oh, I adore Mr. Rogers. (singing) It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...
Prunella: What's the second thing, Arthur?
Arthur: Um... nothing, never mind.
Fred Rogers: You look a little sad, Arthur.
D.W.: He always looks like that even when you're staying with us, Mister Rogers. Maybe we'll sing a song and cheer him up.
Arthur: No, no, it's all right.

Mister Rogers: I wondered where you were hiding.
Arthur: I think maybe I'm sick. In fact, I may be too sick to go to school tomorrow or even ever again.
Mister Rogers: If I'm feeling mad or sad or glad about something I try to tell somebody about it.
Arthur: I just don't want everyone to think I'm a... that I like... I mean...
Mister Rogers:  You didn't want them to think you're a little kid anymore.
Arthur: Yeah... I mean, no offense.
Mister Rogers: Sometimes you feel like you're too old for certain things.
Arthur: I just don't want people to make fun of me.
Mister Rogers:  Real friends don't make fun of real friends. And your friends seem like real friends. They all seem to be concerned about you.
Arthur: At least nobody at school watches the news.

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