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Arthur Meets the President
Arthur Meets the President
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date May 1, 1991
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 0590994417
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur's Pet Business (1990)
Followed by
Arthur Babysits (1992)

Arthur Meets the President is the fifteenth book in the Arthur Adventure series. It was written and illustrated by Marc Brown, and published by Little, Brown and Company on May 1, 1991.


At Lakewood Elementary School one morning, Mr. Ratburn announces to his class that all students are participating in a writing contest, with the subject titled "How I Can Help Make America Great", where the winner gets to visit the White House in Washington. The students immediately get to work while Arthur thinks about the times he and his sister helped Mrs. Tibble clean up her yard then came up with an idea on how he, D.W., and his classmates can help his neighborhood.

A few weeks later, Mr. Haney receives a letter from the White House and takes it into his office. Over the intercom, Mr. Haney announces that Arthur is the winner of the "How I Can Help Make America Great" contest, where he, Mr. Ratburn, and his classmates will be going to the White House. In response, Mr. Ratburn and his students all cheer wildly.

Mr. Ratburn then tells Arthur to memorize his paper so he can recite it to the President the following Wednesday. Arthur immediately starts feeling nervous. After school that day, D.W. shows Arthur the news report she was watching, making Arthur feel tenser.

Next Tuesday morning, Arthur studies his speech as the plane heads to Washington, but he still feels nervous. At the hotel that same night, Arthur was in the bathroom reciting his speech to himself in the mirror. Understanding Arthur's anxiety, Mr. and Mrs. Read come up with an idea to help him stay calm. Mrs. Read presents him with several note cards, which Arthur keeps in his pocket. With his nervousness subsided, Arthur goes to sleep.

The next morning, Mr. Ratburn and his students meet at the Jefferson Memorial and go on tours around the grounds and stop at many memorials along the way: the Washington Monument, the Capitol, the National Museum of Natural History, and last, the White House. While Mr. Ratburn's class toured the inside of the White House, the secretary announces to them about the President's arrival. They go with him to the Rose Garden, where the President's helicopter lands. Arthur took out his note cards to review, but they are blown away. D.W., however, comes up with an idea.

Arthur makes his way over to the podium where he sees several people, including the President himself, watch him. Before Arthur could begin his speech, everyone, including Arthur himself, look at D.W. hanging upside down from a tree with his speech in hand. Without any problems, Arthur recites his speech word to word. D.W. then asks him to help her down.






  • This book was originally going to be called "Arthur Goes to Bologna"[citation needed]


  • Miss Tingley is introduced in this book.
  • Mrs. Tibble who previously appeared in Arthur's Halloween is mentioned in this book. However, she doesn't reappear until the next book Arthur Babysits.
  • The typeface of sentences inside the book was modified in contrast to the previous books, although some of the books published before this one had the typeface modified in later editions.
  • This book was also published in Spanish under the name Arturo visita la Casa Blanca which translates into "Arthur Visits the White House".