Arthur Turns Green
Arthur Turns Green
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date April 5, 2011
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 0316129240
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Arthur's Teacher Moves In
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Arthur Turns Green is the newest book in the Arthur Adventure series.


When Arthur starts talking about his school project involving a Big Green Machine, D.W. imagines a scary contraption that will turn everyone green.


Mr. Ratburn assigns the class to find ways to take care of the planet, calling the project the 'Big Green Machine.' Buster, Muffy, Binky, and Arthur discuss their projects on the way home from school. At home, D.W. notices Arthur taking notes and talking to himself. The next day, Arthur stays late after school to paint his poster and, upon his return, D.W. notices Arthur's hands are green-colored. D.W. tells Tommy and Timmy about Arthur. Initially doubting her, the Tibbles believe D.W. when they see Arthur's hands for themselves, additionally discovering that Buster also has green hands. D.W. has a nightmare where the Big Green Machine chases her and turns everyone green. At a school family night the next night, D.W. and her family see the poster Arthur was making, which listed ways to save the planet. D.W. begins to use these tips when the Reads return home.



  • The Read family computer has been upgraded since its last appearance to a new design resembling the Apple iMac G5.

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