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"Arthur Weighs In"
Season/Series: 9
Number in season: 3a
Original Airdate: United States December 29, 2004
Canada May 10, 2005[1]
Germany January 2, 2008[2]
Written by: Raye Lankford
Storyboard by: François Brisson
"George Blows His Top"
"The Law of the Jungle Gym"
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"Arthur Weighs In" is the first half of the third episode in the ninth season of Arthur.


Arthur doesn't fit into his costume for the play and is shocked to learn that he is now "husky-sized." He wants to get in shape, but is he ready to try something as radical as ... exercise?


Arthur is reading his lines he is given to for him to play as a seemingly rich character in the school play when D.W. chimes in to with feedback on how the character's supposed to act. She proceeds to show Arthur that said character should act really scared and pretends to die of fright. However, the pants of the suit he is planning to wear does not fit him properly. His mom takes him shopping for new pants (Bringing D.W. along.), and after being measured, it is determined that Arthur fits "husky sized clothes," which he is given. After he tells Buster and Brain about this and how worried he is about being fat, Both show sentiment and Buster suggests Arthur go on a diet, but Brain says that children should not go on a diet unless a doctor prescribes it, and says that Arthur should simply make healthier choices with what he consumes: fruits and vegetables and water instead of candy and sugary drinks, for example. D.W. do all she can to monitor, and ensure that he has a healthier alternative whenever he's tempted to eat junk food (Including bullying him to be skinny, and stealing food from Arthur's hand).

Arthur tries on his old pants, but is still unable to fit into them. Brain tells him it has only been three hours, and it will probably take a week or two before he sees much progress. Arthur says that tomorrow is when he is supposed to show his costume to Mr. Ratburn, and he refuses to wear his "husky" suit.

Arthur explains his dilemma to Mr. Ratburn, who, to Arthur's surprise, can relate. He reveals that when he was younger, he was also overweight. He says that he tried dieting, but what finally helped him to lose weight was a talent he never knew he had: ping pong. After a lot of playing of ping pong, he ended up becoming fit. Arthur says he does not know how to play ping pong, but Mr. Ratburn says it is not the type of exercise that matters, so much as it is getting enough of it.

Later, Mr. Ratburn presents pedometers to the class. He says that it will show how many steps each person takes, and they will all compare their scores the next day.

That day, Arthur went on to record 800 steps. He was proud of this, until he discovered that his friends had recorded a lot more. He realizes that he was not active as he thought he was, and when Mr. Ratburn tells the class that they should all aim for at least 10000 steps a day, Arthur vows to do better.

Back at home, Arthur is watching Bionic Bunny until D.W. comes in and wisecracks that he can play as the robber on TV. Inspired and out of spite, Arthur begins to do more exercise, with the help of his friends and family, and even Pal. As a result, Arthur can fit into his costume, and he does not need to wear the "husky" suit after all. He and D.W. give each other a high five. In the play, Arthur performs wonderfully (using a tip from his sister).







  • This episode (including its second segment "The Law of the Jungle Gym") was pulled from the rerun rotation in the United States, presumably for its frequent negative use of words such as "fat", "fatty", and "husky", which may be perceived as offensive to some viewers. While the main objective of the episode is to encourage physical activity and healthy eating, Arthur is portrayed with poor body image (and being embarrassed about it) which prompts him to attempt to lose weight. The last national airing of this episode was on June 7, 2020, on PBS Kids. The episode pair was one of five to be excluded from the February 2022 marathon on PBS Kids. However, it is still available to stream on Amazon.[3] Also, a clip from this episode, titled "Arthur is Husky", is still available on the official PBS Kids YouTube channel[4] and the PBS Kids website. [5]
  • Despite the fact that this episode acts like Arthur has suddenly gotten husky, he actually looks the same body shape as he does in all the other episodes.
  • On United Kingdom airings of this episode, the fat-shaming scenes have been edited out of the episode by the BBC, this was likely done because some viewers may find those scenes offensive.

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  • This is the first episode to be written by Raye Lankford.
  • In 2014, the episode was made available for free on the official Arthur website as part of the "fitness" section of a feature titled Arthur Family Health.[6] For the reasons mentioned above, the video was removed from the website in 2020. The entire health feature of the website was discontinued in 2023. A two-minute clip of the episode remains permanently available on the PBS KIDS Video app and website.

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