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Wiki.png This article documents an official Arthur Wiki Policy.

This article is an official Arthur Wiki Policy, it is to be followed by all editors.

This is the manual of style for the Arthur Wiki. It exists to help make the wiki more orderly and guide new users. These policies must be followed at all times.

  • Key:
    • Correct
    • Incorrect


  • Use American English and spelling.
    • Arthur wears a yellow-colored sweater.
    • Arthur wears a yellow-coloured sweater.
    • Buster rides the elevator.
    • Buster rides the lift.
  • Write in present-tense. Only use past-tense if the events in question have already passed prior to the events of the episode.
    • Arthur asks, "What do you want to do?" Buster responds, "I don't know."
    • Arthur asked, "What do you want to do?" Buster responded, "I don't know."
    • In "Binky Goes Nuts," it is revealed that Binky has a peanut allergy.
    • In "Binky Goes Nuts," it was revealed that Binky had a peanut allergy.
    • The opening to "Invasion of the Soccer Fans" includes objects from previous episodes.
    • The opening to "Invasion of the Soccer Fans" included objects from previous episodes.
  • Write professionally. Do not use slang or abbreviations in article text.
    • Postcards from Buster is a spin-off of Arthur.
    • PFB is a spin-off of Arthur.
    • Arthur goes to the Sugar Bowl for ice cream.
    • Arthur goes 2 da Sugar Bowl 4 ice cream.
  • Put the titles of episodes in quotes. Italicize the titles of television shows, books, or video games. This is particularly important if you're linking to Arthur, as the italics help distinguish if you're referring to the character or the cartoon.
    • Arthur
    • Arthur
    • "Arthur"
    • "D.W. on Ice"
    • D.W. on Ice
    • D.W. on Ice
    • Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day!
    • "Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day!"
    • Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day!
  • Put commas and periods inside quotation marks. If a quotation mark or exclamation point is part of the title or quote, don't put a period or comma after it.
    • In "D.W.'s Snow Mystery," D.W.'s snowball goes missing.
    • In "D.W.'s Snow Mystery", D.W.'s snowball goes missing.
    • Arthur reminds us, "Proper grammar is important."
    • Arthur reminds us, "Proper grammar is important".
    • In "The Butler Did... What?" Muffy tries to find Bailey after he leaves.
    • In "The Butler Did... What?", Muffy tries to find Bailey after he leaves.
  • When writing airdates, use the full date in the "[month] [day], [year]" format. Do not abbreviate the month.
    • August 22, 2018
    • August 22
    • August twenty-second, 2018
    • August 22nd, 2018
    • Aug 22, 2018
    • 6/22/18
  • When listing episode segments, list them as "a" or "b" segments, except for episodes that are full-length/two-parters. In this instance, just write the episode's code normally.
    • 1407a "Around the World in 11 Minutes"
    • 1608b "On the Buster Scale"
    • 1910 "The Last Day"
    • 90101 "Castles in the Sky"
    • 102001 "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn"
    • 1310b. "The Secret Origin of Supernova"
    • 100100 "Happy Anniversary"
  • Spell "D.W." with the two periods.
    • D.W.
    • D.W.'s
    • DW
    • DW's
    • D.W
  • Do not refer to Jane and David as "Mom" and "Dad." Instead, use their names, Arthur's mother/father, or Mr./Mrs. Read.
    • Jane
    • Arthur's mother
    • Mrs. Read
    • Mom
    • David
    • Arthur's father
    • Mr. Read
    • Dad
  • Refer to Alan Powers as "Brain," not "Alan" or "The Brain." Official sources, including the PBS Kids website, use "Brain" consistently, and "The Brain" is no longer in use. For example, here is a comparison of the former and current revisions of the Trading Cards on the PBS Kids Arthur website. Further, "Brain" has been in use since "Arthur Makes the Team" in season 1, while "The Brain" has been retired since "Rhyme for Your Life" in season 6.
    • Brain
    • Alan
    • The Brain
  • Keep in mind that a plot summary is not a joke book. You just have to describe the important scenes, not all the jokes in the episode or the funny things the characters say. Plot summaries shouldn't include every line in the episode, they should summarize it.
  • Gallery sections should have separate headers for videos, promotional images, and screenshots. Videos can include official trailers, promos, or clips; do not add unauthorized or illegal uploads. Promotional images are used by official Arthur social media, usually as a preview before or near the episode's release. Screenshots from the episode go in the last section. Add screenshots in the chronological order they appear in the episode.


  • When linking an article, link it like this: [[Article name]]. Do not put punctuation or spaces in links. Do not link the article as an URL. If you're linking an italicized word or phrase, make sure to put '' around the link, not inside. If you want the link to be plural, put the "s" or "es" outside the link.
    • [[Arthur Read]]
    • [ Arthur Read]
    • [[Arthur Read]].
    • [[Arthur Read|Arthur Read.]]
    • ''[[Postcards from Buster]]''
    • [[Postcards from Buster|''Postcards from Buster'']]
    • [[Arthur Read]]'s
    • [[Arthur Read|Arthur Read's]]
  • Avoid linking to redirects. For example, linking to [[Binky]] takes you to the Binky Barnes article. Redirects should be used for searching, not on mainspace articles. Instead, type [[Binky Barnes|Binky]].
    • [[Binky Barnes]]
    • [[Binky Barnes|Binky]]
    • [[Binky]]
  • If you want to link to Wikipedia, use the {{W}} template. If the article you want to link to has a different name than the text you want to display, add an extra parameter.
    • {{W|PBS Kids}}
    • [ PBS Kids]
    • ''{{W|Arthur (TV series)|Arthur}}''
    • ''[ Arthur]''

File names

  • Give your images descriptive names. Otherwise, the image is hard to identify.
    • Arthur in Night of the Tibble.png
    • Buster on his bed.png
    • Arthur Rides the Bandwagon main image.png
    • Capture-0.png
    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.png
    • Screen Shot at blah blah blah PM.png
    • IMG 3032.png
  • When creating a gallery, use the format "[episode's name] [number]." Increase the number for every image you upload.
    • Brain's Brain 001.png
    • Brain's Brain 105.png
    • Brain's Brain 012.png
    • BrainsBrain001.png
    • Brain's Brain 1.png
    • Brain's Brain Gallery - Image 001.png
    • Brain's Brain One.png
    • BrBr001.png
  • Title cards should be named "[episode name] Title Card."
    • Arthur's Spelling Trubble Title Card.png
    • AST Title Card.png
    • ArthursSpellingTrubbleTitleCard.png
    • Arthur's Spelling Trubble.png

Episode page layout

Main article: Arthur Wiki:Episode layout


  • Category: A collection of pages that all have something in common.
  • Gallery: A collection of images related to the subject.
  • Navbox: A template that goes at the bottom of an article and contains links to similar pages.
  • Transcript: A list of all dialogue and actions in an episode.
  • Stub: An article that has very little information compared to the subject's role in the episode. A short article is not always a stub. Before tagging an article as a stub, ask yourself "is there anything else that could be added to this article?" If the answer is no, the article is probably fine.