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Rights requests

Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, moderators can ban anyone from the chat.

Current Moderators

TheAtomicLight Active

Previous Moderators

PeterPeter5000 * February 23, 2013 — February 27, 2013
AngryBird3305 February 16, 2013 — February 20, 2013
Colgatecity March 24, 2012 — November 30, 2012
Buster Baxter October 31, 2011 — September 29, 2012
Dduvall95 September 4, 2011 — August 4, 2012

Who to contact when?

Ever wonder which of these users you should contact if you have a suggestion, problem, or something else to say or report?

Administration Team

Users: DJ MC CJ, TheAtomicLight, or Scrooge200.

The administrators are the people you can talk to anytime you have a problem. If you are having a problem with other users, contact them. If you saw vandalism that has not been taken care of, let them know and they will get on it immediately. If you accidentally made a page or uploaded a photo by mistake or a page or photo that shouldn't be on the wiki, contact one of them and they will take care of it as soon as they can. They are here to take care of any wiki-related business you could possibly have, even if it's just a question about editing, coding, or even something related to the Arthur series itself.

Chat Administration Team

Users: DJ MC CJ or TheAtomicLight.

The chat administration team are the people you can talk to anytime you have any questions or problems regarding the Arthur Wiki Chat, whether it's a technical problem or a problem with a user's behavior on chat. If you feel that someone is speaking inappropriate language or linking to inappropriate things on chat, you can always talk to any of the four members, who will deal with the situation responsibly and correctly. If for some reason you feel that a punishment you received on chat was uncalled for, let another one of these users know, and the remaining members will make a decision as to whether or not the punishment should be abolished. No matter what problem you have with chat, the chat administration team will always be there to help.


  • You are allowed to nominate yourself.
  • To nominate a user or yourself, put just the username in the box (without the User: prefix).
  • The user must fit the requirements for each title.


  • Sign in to vote on the requests page and place your thoughts.

Chat Mod

Requests for Chat Mod Rights are: Closed; chat has been retired by FANDOM.

  • A Chat Mod can ban and kick users from the chat.


  • Non (As of the discussion from the Admin Team)

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