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Wiki.png This article documents the official Rules and Guidelines for Arthur Wiki.

These Policies are to be followed by all Arthur Wiki users at all times.


General Policy

  • Edits must be constructive. Intentionally removing true information or adding false information is considered vandalism.
  • In the case of a destructive edit, the editor responsible will be given a reasonable amount of time to correct the mistake before it is judged to have been intentional. Giving a friendly reminder to the editor would also be advised.
  • Making destructive edits and immediately correcting them, for the sake of increasing one's edit count, is not allowed.
  • Uploaded files and created pages must be Arthur-related. Fan art and fan ideas are allowed, so long as they are appropriate. These files and pages must be placed in the Fanon category.
  • The preferred spelling on this wiki is American English (e.g. color, not colour). Since most people can understand the words anyway, editors do not need to go out of their way to "correct" them. However, if a page frequently switches between spellings to the point where it is distracting, the page should be made uniform throughout.
  • If you undo another person's edit, please say in the edit summary why you did so. If you forgot to explain in the edit summary, it is recommended to use the article talk pages or message walls to do so.

Manual of Style

Main article: Arthur Wiki:Manual of Style

Spoiler Policy

Note: In this chart, "international" refers to anywhere outside of Canada and the United States.
A new episode has been released on... Create a page for the episode? Add the official summary? Add a character list and plot? Upload the title card? Upload other images? Create articles for new characters, places, etc.? Add new information about old characters, places, etc.?
International DVD Y Y N Y N N N
Non-English DVD Y N N Y N N N
International TV Y Y N Y N N N
Non-English TV Y N N Y N N N
Episode is leaked online N N N N N N N

Blog Post and User Page Policy

Blog Posts

  • Blogs are the proper place for news and opinions, instead of in normal articles.
  • Blogs may also be used as sandbox pages for normal articles, if they are to be deleted after the article is created.
  • Blogs aiming to start a conversation, or ask for the opinions of others, must contain a decent amount of material (such as the author's own opinion on the subject).

User Pages

  • Users are allowed to decorate their own user page in any way they please, minus any exceptions listed below.
  • Things not allowed on user pages include gossip, sexual themes, excessive violence, or anything else not "kid-friendly."
  • Administrators are allowed to edit other users' user pages for the purposes of removing user page policy violations, or other general wiki maintenance tasks.

Message Wall, Talk Page, and Article Comments Policy

  • Message walls, talk pages, and article comments are not for spamming. Doing so will result in either a warning or a block.
  • Article talk pages are meant for discussing changes being made to an article, not for having a discussion about the topic of the article. Please use the article comments instead if you want to discuss about the topic of an article.
  • Be respectful of others' opinions on a subject.
  • Harassing, bullying, or threatening other users in article comments, on talk pages, or on other users' message walls is strictly forbidden. Doing so will result in either a warning or a block.
  • Things not allowed in message walls, article talk pages, or article comments include offensive language (including racist/sexist remarks or profanity, even if it is censored), excessive violence, sexual themes or content, or anything else that is not kid-friendly.

Administration Policy

For information on becoming an administrator, see Arthur Wiki:User Rights Requests.

  • Administrators do not have more authority to decide how "correct" a fact is, no more than any other user. Even they must present evidence to prove a claim.
  • Administrators have the special abilities to move or edit pages under protection lock, and delete pages. These abilities should be used to make the wiki friendlier to readers and easier to navigate.
  • Administrators can resign any time they choose to, as long as there is at least one bureaucrat still active.
  • Administrators may have their rights removed if they abuse their special powers. They may also be banned, if they violate the Blocking Policy.

Blocking Policy

  • Blocking is not a form of punishment; it is an action for the prevention of further vandalism, spamming, or other rule violations of Arthur Wiki.
  • Users will receive 1-3 warnings, based on the severity of the destructive edit(s), before blocks will be issued.
    • Blocks will begin as short, and gradually increase in length each time the contributor is blocked.
  • Unless a user violates the Message Wall, Talk Page, and Article Comments Policy, or if they are a sockpuppet or meatpuppet account, do not prevent them from being able to post on message walls, so that they are allowed to message an administrator to appeal a block if they so wish.
  • Since FANDOM has already blocked unregistered editing on Arthur Wiki due to COPPA regulations, only registered accounts, and not IP addresses, shall be blocked.
  • Sockpuppet or meatpuppet accounts are not allowed. If a person has multiple accounts, they may either publicly identify the secondary accounts, or have the secondary accounts be blocked.
  • Inappropriate usernames or profile pictures will result in the account being blocked indefinitely.
    • If the user changes their profile picture, or has FANDOM rename their account, the user may alert the administration team to have their block lifted.
    • Creating a second account, one with an appropriate username and profile picture, is another acceptable option.