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The Elwood City Times is the official newsletter of the Arthur Wiki. It is released once every two weeks on Tuesdays.


What is "The Elwood City Times"?

The Elwood City Times, in the Arthur franchise, is the largest newspaper in Elwood City. It is edited by Bitzi Baxter, Buster's mother. On Arthur Wiki, it is the most detailed source of information on the wiki. Within each edition you will find columns written by the Administrators listing any and all changes they make to the wiki in a span of two weeks. Anyone can submit a column which will be published in the next edition of the Elwood City Times. Your submissions are greatly needed, or the Elwood City Times is not a complete source of opinion and news for Arthur Wikians.


To submit a column for the Elwood City Times, contact Muppetfan through his message wall or through Arthur Wiki chat, saying that you would like to submit an article. Muppetfan will then get back to you and talk to you further.


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