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An unofficial timeline of the story of Arthur. Specific years, such as 2022, are not used. Instead, all events are dated by their distance from Arthur Read's 3rd grade year, and only that year is divided into months.

4.54 billion years ago

200 years ago

  • Mrs. Lapp's great-great-great grandfather came to America.[2]

150 years ago

123 years ago

Over 100 years ago

100 years ago

87 years ago

75 years ago


60 years ago

51 years ago

40 years ago

37 years ago

Over 30 years ago

  • The Virtues of Science was made.[14]

30 years ago

19 years ago

16 years ago

13 years ago

10 years ago

9 years ago

8 years ago

7 years ago

5 years ago

4 years ago (Arthur's preschool)

3 years ago (Arthur's kindergarten)

2 years ago (Arthur's 1st grade)

  • Buster began keeping a School Lunch Almanac.[50]
  • Sue Ellen began keeping a diary.[51]
  • Buster took Binky's juice box.[52]
  • Cousin Mo' dressed up Arthur as a baby at the family reunion. (July)[45]

1 year ago (Arthur's 2nd grade)

  • D.W. first imagined Nadine Flumberghast.[53]
  • Kate Read was born.[54]
  • Muffy transferred to Lakewood Elementary School.[55]
  • Arthur went into the scariest house in town, Tibbles' mansion. (October 31st)[56]
  • Arthur got his glasses.[57] (November)[58]
  • Prunella had Mr. Ratburn in 3rd grade.
  • Arthur got a valentine from a secret admirer, and hoped it was from Sue Ellen. (February 13-14)[59]
  • Binky visited the Elwood City Science Museum & Exploratorium for the first time and found it boring.[60]
  • Arthur and Muffy planned their 8th birthday parties on the same day.[61]
  • Prunella won the spelling bee.[62]
  • Binky went to Camp Meadowcroak.[63]
  • Prunella wrote a country song for her story and got an A+.[64]
  • Francine and Brain's French history report.
  • Francine drank a glass of juice last summer.
  • Rubella babysat the Tibble twins.
  • Buster sprayed spit value.
  • Francine broke her drum stick.
  • Binky got his tongue tied up during the concert.
  • The Read Family Reunion takes place, and Arthur is afraid of what Cousin Mo' has in store for him this year.[65]

Arthur's 3rd grade


  • Unknown date
    • Buster tries to save his Dark Bunny toy from the teacher's lounge. [66]


  • Unknown dates
    • Arthur and D.W. find Starry Moony in Grandma Thora's attic.[67]
    • The Tibble twins try to be well-behaved for their grandmother, since they forgot about Grandparents Day last Sunday.[68]
    • Buster receives a mysterious box of chocolates from a secret admirer, and tries to identify the person so he can thank them.[69]
    • Arthur, Francine, Brain, Muffy, and Buster compete in a bowling tournament.[70]
    • Francine's cousin Seth celebrates his Bar Mitzvah.[70]
    • D.W. learns to write her name and gets a library card.[71]
    • Mid-September: Timmy and Tommy Tibble try to show Mrs. Tibble how much they appreciate her after they miss Grandparents' Day.[72]
  • (circa) 1st
    • Buster and Arthur compete over who is a better magician.[73]
    • D.W. gives all of her toys to the Tibbles, who wreck most of them.[74]
  • 19th
    • International Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • 21st


  • Unknown date
  • 31st
    • D.W. has a bad case of hiccups that she can't get rid of.[77]


  • 13th
    • A leaky roof forces Arthur to study in Buster's room.[78][note 2]
  • Thanksgiving
    • Francine plagiarizes a paper about the Pilgrims.[79]
    • Arthur has to be the turkey in the school play.[80]
    • Pal get lost; Aunt Minnie visits the Read residence; Mr. Ratburn's class rides a float in the holiday parade.[81]


  • 25th
    • Arthur's family celebrates Christmas in a different way than he had planned. Other families celebrate the holidays in their own ways.[82]
  • 31st/January 1st
    • Arthur tries to stay up until midnight to see the new year.[83]


  • Jenna's birthday.[84]
  • Day after Jenna's birthday
    • Ladonna experiences her first blizzard.[85]


  • Unknown date, (before Valentine's Day)
    • Arthur and his friends try to invent a new holiday to cure their boredom.[86]
  • 2nd
    • Buster reads his horoscope, which says "you will find a hidden talent".[87]
  • 15th


  • 1st
    • D.W.'s birthday.[89]
  • 7th
  • 10th
    • The class goes on a trip to the Elwood City Science Museum & Exploratorium, but Binky finds most of it boring, since he had already gone on the trip last year.[91]
  • 16th-17th


  • Unknown date
    • Arthur punches D.W., eventually leading to the "de-founding" of the Tough Customers.[93]
  • Unknown date
    • D.W. buys a shark tooth and pretends it is her own, "tricking" the tooth fairy[94].
  • Unknown date
    • Buster creates a podcast.[95]
  • 1st
    • Binky takes Arthur's favorite pen, so he gets him back with an April Fools prank.[96]
  • 9th
    • A fire burns the teacher's lounge at Lakewood Elementary.[51]
  • 10th
  • 16th
    • A false fire alert happens at Mighty Mountain.[51]
    • Sue Ellen gets a new journal from Muffy.[98]
    • Arthur's father has a catering job at the aquarium. [99]
  • 18th
    • Sue Ellen gets an idea to paint a mural on the side of Lakewood about the events of the fire. [100]
  • 22nd
    • Prunella learns how giving away extra clutter can help others too.[101]
      • Within the time of this story, Arthur, Buster, Francine, and Brain try to create their own country.[102]


  • Unknown dates
    • Francine and Brain get into a huge argument during a soccer game.[103]
    • George accidentally breaks a class woodworking project. [104]
    • D.W. eats a green potato chip and thinks she will die from it.[105]
  • Unknown date, (right after Mothers Day)
    • Muffy and Fern team up to sell greeting cards.[106]
  • 1st
  • 5th
    • Sue Ellen decides to become a vegetarian.[108]
      • During the same time frame: D.W. fakes losing her voice. [109]
  • 15th
    • Brain sees the Carlsaganids meteor shower. [110]
  • 16th
  • 17th
  • 23rd
    • Brain and Buster compete in the practice round of the Math-a-thon. [113]
  • 25th
  • 26th
    • Arthur goes against Grandma Thora in a marbles championship.[116]


  • Unknown date
    • Fern feels sad, but no one knows why.[117]
  • 2nd
    • Mrs. MacGrady finally returns to work after recovering from cancer.[118]
  • 8th - 10th
  • 14th - 16th
    • Buster and the Read family go to the beach, where Buster finds a note in a bottle that he thinks to be from Atlantis.[120]
  • 15th
    • Buster convinces everyone that he will still feel OK on the Father's Day picnic even though his parents are divorced. [121][note 3]
  • 22nd
    • The last day of the school year.[122]



  • Unknown date
    • In the last week of summer break, Arthur tries to find his list of things to do over the summer.[125]
    • Buster attempts to launch a model rocket with his friends. [126]
  • 8th
    • Buster returns from Camp Meadowcroak. [127]
  • 21st
    • The Elwood City Tech Expo takes place.[128]

1 year later (Arthur's 4th grade)

5 years later (Arthur's 8th grade)

7 years later (Arthur's 10th grade)

  • A space probe will reach Saturn and send pictures of it back to Earth.[131]

20 years later

  • Arthur and his friends meet up at the Sugar Bowl Cafe:[132]
    • Buster tells Arthur about Kate's written story assignment.
    • Bud parks his motorcycle in a no parking zone, and D.W. writes him a traffic ticket.
    • Muffy is running for mayor of Elwood City.
    • Francine wears her company's latest style of sneakers as a trial.
    • George works at the renovated Sugar Bowl Cafe.
    • Binky delivers a weather forecast on television.
    • Arthur reveals his first graphic novel to his friends.

100 years later


  • Buster and his dog dig up Brain's time capsule.[134]


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