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"Arthur and D.W. Clean Up"
Season/Series: 3
Number in season: 15a
Original Airdate: United States January 1, 1999
Canada May 31, 1999
Germany March 13, 2002[1]
Written by: Anne-Marie Perrotta
Tean Schultz
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
Jeremy O'Neill
"D.W.'s Perfect Wish"
"The Long, Dull Winter"
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"Arthur and D.W. Clean Up" is the first half of the fifteenth episode in the third season of Arthur.


Arthur and D.W. need to clean their rooms and work together to get things done quicker. However, each is persnickety about what stays and what goes and how it all goes together.


Arthur is sitting at his desk in his room thinking about how he could make a few changes to his bedroom, and proceeds to daydream about himself living in a large house, equipped with everything he could ever want. It contains many rooms, among them the arcade, the wobbly room (which he says is "good for bouncing"), and a roller coaster ride. The house even has the ability to clean itself, much to Arthur's pleasure. His daydream is then interrupted by his mom, who asks how his room is coming along. He says that he's "working on it", but we can see that his room is actually a huge mess.

Arthur and D.W. Clean Up

Later, Arthur and his friends are discussing the upcoming Happy Crazy Wow Day event in the Elwood City Park, and are all looking forward to going. The gang decides they want to play soccer, so Arthur goes to fetch his soccer ball from his room (which he can barely walk through because of the messes he's made).

Jane insists he clean his room, but he says he'll "do it later". That night, Arthur is trying to watch "Alien Zoo Squad", but Jane tells him to clean up his room. Arthur refuses at first, saying Alien Zoo Squad just started, but Jane reminds him that he said he would clean it if she let him go to the park, and she tells him to "hop to it."

Instead of cleaning, Arthur calls Buster to have him explain him what's happening on T.V., but Buster's too distracted. Through a window, Arthur can see the show on a neighbor's television, and he has Buster place the phone by his T.V., allowing him to be able to both watch and hear the show. This works until Jane hears the movie on the telephone line, and makes him get off.

The next day, Arthur says he is going to the Happy Crazy Wow Day event at the park. But Jane, however, refuses to allow Arthur to go to the event until he cleans his room, saying he held it off long enough. At first, D.W. makes fun of him, but Jane says that she also needs to clean her room too, saying that it's as messy as Arthur's. Arthur says it will take forever, so David suggests they clean Arthur's room together, and then D.W.'s, noting that "many hands make light work".

Despite their objections, he asks them to just try it. Arthur tries to clean up, but D.W. annoys him by throwing out his stuff, including Buster's postcards and a bag of Muffy's cookies (with his picture on it), which he wants to save.

She also takes out his light bulb costume and Moon Boots, which annoys Arthur even more. When she tries to throw out a Popsicle stick, he objects yet again, claiming it's part of his collection (even though he doesn't have one). When she throws it out anyway, he has her rearrange his book shelf, and she sees the homework he has, remarking that he must love to do homework.

A note stuck in one of the books catches her attention, and she takes the opportunity to tease Arthur, thinking it's a love note by saying in a sing-song voice that he has a girlfriend. Even though he corrects her (explaining that the note actually says for him not to forget to bring his baseball mitt to school on Monday and is signed "Francine"), D.W. continues to tease Arthur for being in love. So he calls Jane in his annoyance.

David comes up instead and tells them to stop arguing- then the work will move a lot faster. The two do so, and are able to clean up the room quickly, and when they are done, it looks as good as new.

However, just as Arthur is about to leave for Happy Crazy Wow Day, D.W. tells him that they're not done yet; they still have to clean her room. She immediately criticizes him for arranging her dolls wrong, messing up her rock collection and for mishandling her doll supplies.

When he snaps that her doll supplies are put away, she calls up their parents, and they start arguing over Arthur's failure to cooperate. They tell him that had he cleaned his room earlier, he wouldn't have had this problem.

D.W. interrupts and asks that she clean her room alone, not wanting Arthur to touch her stuff. Although David objects, Jane and Arthur are happy at the idea, and Arthur thanks D.W. for letting him go. When Arthur is ready to leave, however, he asks D.W. if she's sure she doesn't need any help. D.W. says she doesn't because she thinks he has "cooties" and she thinks it would be sad if Arthur didn't go to the park. Arthur once again thanks D.W..

Arthur finally makes it to the park in time for Happy Crazy Wow Day, and has fun with his friends. After the festivities, Francine asks Arthur why he was late. Although Arthur initially blames D.W., he then admits the fault is his because he hadn't cleaned his room in a while. Brain says that he had done something similar to that, and adds that one time his mother wouldn't let him do any extra credit projects until he cleaned it up. Buster then says "I wish I had your mom."

Francine's dad, Oliver, then shows up and says he's glad they stuck around. He then asks them to help him clean up the park, saying "Many hands make light work," much to Buster's amusement and Arthur's chagrin.






  • At the end of the 2000 rerun intro on PBS Kids before this episode, Arthur’s crashing sound changes to the Season 5 version.
  • This is the only episode written by Tean Schultz.
  • David says he has a brother, but he is never seen or mentioned again in the series, unless he is the husband of Arthur and D.W.'s Aunt Bonnie and father of Cousin George.
  • The cat villain on Alien Zoo Squad is one of very few anthropomorphic Arthur-characters to have a tail. He is promptly told to chase it.
  • When Mrs. Read says, "It's as messy as your brother's!", a picture of Mr. Read can be seen in the newspaper.
  • This is the first episode of Arthur to air in 1999 in the U.S.

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