Arthur and the Dog Show
Arthur and the Dog Show
Author Marc Brown
Publication date April 12, 2006
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur and the Big Snow
Followed by
Arthur Helps Out

Arthur and the Dog Show is an 8x8 book published by Marc Brown on April 12, 2006.


Arthur sees a poster for a dog show and is excited to enter Pal, hoping to win a prize. Pal does tricks for Arthur in the backyard; when Arthur orders him to roll over, Pal wags his tail instead. Arthur tells Pal to sit, and he starts digging a hole. Pal runs around Arthur, and he and Arthur continue practicing their tricks.

The day before the dog show, Arthur gives Pal a bath. Lining up for the dog show, he is worried when he sees the competition, although still thinks Pal can win. The judges are displeased when Pal does not follow Arthur's commands, and Arthur refuses to look at his score. Pal starts licking Arthur, and Arthur is happy and is ready to go home. Suddenly, the judges approach him and give Pal the award for Most Loving Dog.


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