"Arthur and the Haunted Tree House"

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Original Airdate: United States October 23, 2017 [1]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Al Jeffery
Cilbur Rocha
Dev Ramsaran
Daniel Miodini
Michel Carbonneau
"Special: D.W. and the Beastly Birthday"
"Special: The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur"

"Arthur and the Haunted Tree House" is a one-hour TV special that premiered on October 23, 2017 on PBS.[2]


"This Halloween is sure to be the spookiest ever for Arthur and his friends. While trick-or-treating, Francine meets an elderly woman with a very mysterious past, while Binky finds himself at Mr. Ratburn’s amazing haunted house (that’s scarier than math class!). And as for Arthur, Buster and Ladonna? Their tree house sleepover seems to be haunted...but by what?"







Cultural references

  • Room 237 is a reference to the movie The Shining.
  • The Krueger family is a reference to the horror franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street, as their address is 1428 Elm Street.
  • Mr. Ratburn's haunted house references Edgar Allan Poe's stories.
  • The doll, Zelda, resembles Annabelle from The Conjuring franchise.

Episode connections

  • Halloween also takes place in the episode "Hic or Treat." As such, Arthur, Buster, Francine, and Mr. and Mrs. Read all have the same costumes.
  • The Tibble Twins are shown trick-or-treating as mimes. They showed off their mime skills and costumes previously in "The Pageant Pickle."
  • The Brain is seen wearing the bear mascot costume from the Ice Cream Shop in "Brain Freeze."
  • Mr. Haney wears a Louisianan face mask, which is seen again in "Muffy Misses Out."
  • When Arthur goes up to the attic near the beginning of the episode, a copy of "The Mysterious Hand" can be found in the foreground. This was the primary book featured in "Arthur's Lost Library Book".
  • When Muffy recollects walking through the cemetery with Francine, a gravestone can be seen with the writing "YOMAMA". This is a reference to D.W.'s humorously incorrect pronunciation of Yo-Yo Ma in the episode "My Music Rules."
  • D.W. mentions her blankie she lost from "D.W.'s Blankie."


  • During U.S. airings on PBS, the opening title card is narrated by Ladonna, and she narrates, "Arthur and the Haunted Tree House, Part 1", but there is no Part 2 title card later on.
  • When Ladonna is getting ready to leave Arthur's house, the pink sweatshirt from Mrs. Read that she is wearing briefly turns green.

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