Arthur and the Nerves of Steal
Nerves of steal book
Author Marc Brown
Publication date October 2004
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 0-316-12618-7
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur Loses His Marbles
Followed by
Arthur and the World Record

Arthur and the Nerves of Steal is the 32nd book in the Arthur chapter book series. It is based on the episode "Nerves of Steal."


It seems that everyone has CyberToys except Arthur and Buster. One day, Buster's temptation becomes too hard to resist, and he drops a CyberToy in Arthur's backpack when he's not looking. Then Buster starts having nightmares about Arthur being sent to jail, and he finally confesses to Arthur. Will they be able to return the CyberToy and fix Buster's mistake?

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