Arthur and the Recess Rookie
Arthur and the Recess Rookie
Author Marc Brown
Stephen Krensky
Publication date April 1, 2001
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN 0316119164
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur and the Seventh-Inning Stretcher
Followed by
Arthur and the Best Coach Ever

Arthur and the Recess Rookie is the third book in the Arthur Good Sports series.


One of the favorite games at recess is kickball. Arthur and his friends all love to play, especially Francine because her team usually wins. Of course, she always manages to be a team captain and pick the best players --- Francine thinks winning is everything. She hates it when she gets stuck with George on her side and always picks him last. George can do many things well, but sports isn't one of them. He would like to enjoy playing with his friends at recess, but that's hard to do when he feels so clumsy. When Arthur and George's team loses the kickball game, Francine thinks she's proven her point.
But then comes the day when Ms. Krasny picks the kids who get to play in the school's marching band and suddenly Francine realizes what it's like not to be chosen. She's positive she would improve if only she could get some experience. Arthur tries to explain that George could play kickball better with some encouragement, too, but Francine isn't convinced.


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