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Arthur in a Pickle is an Arthur "Step-Into-Reading" book that was published in 1999.


At the end of class, everyone turns in their homework, except Arthur. Arthur tells Mr. Ratburn that his dog ate his homework, which he does not believe; he tells Arthur that he is in a pickle and to the principal's office tomorrow.

Arthur is worried and dreams about being chased by pickle police. He escapes when he grabs a rope sent down by D.W. in a pickle plane, and they land in Pickletown. He is arrested by Judge Picklepuss for lying and not doing his homework. In jail, he eats exclusively pickle food, and wishes to get out.

Arthur wakes up and does his homework. He apologizes for lying and tells the principal that he has done his homework now, and is out of trouble. He feels good until dinner, when his dad serves pickled cabbage.


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