Title Card

The Brain: We need this basket to win!

Arthur: If Francine passes me the ball, I'll take care of it!

(The Brain and Arthur stand between Francine dribbling the basketball in her right-hand while Binky and another teammate for the other team block them. Just then, Francine makes a run for it.)

(The teammate and Binky now block Francine )

The Brain: (yelling) Pass it to Arthur!!

Arthur: Over here!

(Just in time, Francine passes the basketball to Arthur.)

(Arthur dribbles the basketball through the gym and then gets blocked by Molly and yet another unknown teammate which were player for the other team.)

(Everything is frame by frame as Arthur tries to make a slam-dunk)

Francine: Go, Arthur!

(Binky swipes the basketball right out of Arthur's hands.)

(Arthur throws the basketball that perfectly goes through the hoop.)

(Mr. Ratburn, the coach for the basketball game, blows a whistle.)

Mr. Ratburn: Arthur's team is the winner.

(Arthur points both of his index fingers up in the air while Fern, George, The Brain, and Francine shout out his name for winning.)

Fern, George, The Brain, and Francine: Arthur! Arthur! Arthur! Arthur! Arthur! Arthur!

Arthur: Don't cheer me. It was easy!

(Dream sequence ends.)

Francine: Arthur? ARTHUR!!!

(Francine passes the basketball to Arthur. Arthur dribbles the ball while Binky chases him.)

The Brain: If we don't score this basket, we lose.

Arthur: I'll take care of it!

(Arthur throws the basketball in the direction of the basketball hoop, but the ball doesn't make it and bounces right back.)

(Mr. Ratburn blows the whistle.)

Mr. Ratburn: Binky's team wins.

(every kid, except Arthur, walks to and go through the exit.)

Arthur: (to the viewers) Boy, sometimes, winning is a lot harder than you imagine.

Intertitle: Family Photo

Francine: (voice-over) Arthur the Loser.

Kate: (crying)

On Television

Boy: What can we do for fun?

Kids: (cheering)

Women: It's new, it's fun! It's number one! What is it? No Guessing!

Boy #2: I win!

Announcer: No Guessing! The world's greatest (inaudible) game! It's the most fun you'll ever have!

In the living room

Arthur: Wow. I want that game.


Francine beat Arthur at bowling.

Arthur: Please don’t say “I win”.

Francine: Okay. You lose!


The Reads sit at the dinner table.

Arthur: After I lost at bowling, I lost at video games and checkers. I lose at everything. I even lost my glasses.

D.W.: I'll help find them for five dollars.

Mrs. Read: D.W.! They're on your head, Arthur.    Arthur pulls his glasses over his eyes.

Arthur: (sighs) I guess I’m just a loser.

Mr. Read: Sometimes luck goes in cycles. Don't worry, you'll start winning again soon.

Arthur sits in his room looking glum. D.W. comes in with a deck of cards.

D.W.: How about a game of cards before your luck changes? I mean, to help your luck change.


Arthur plays Binky if front of an audience of students.

Arthur: Why are my friends rooting against me?      Fern comes up to him.

Fern: Everyone wants to see you lose because you’ve been acting like a jerk. Sorry.

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