At This Table
Played in "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur"

ARTHUR- At This Table (Song)

At This Table is a song sung by Miles and Buster near the end of the special "The Rhythm and Roots of Arthur."



Here around this picnic table,

In their places young and able

See the faces, old and stable

All related, it's like a fable

At the table here for years,  

The food is served, then disappears 

Someone sets, someone clears

But everybody volunteers

Yeah, everybody volunteers 

It’s Uncle What and Auntie Who 

They visit every month or two 

When is it ever not a feast?

Pick over the leftovers at least 

And Grandma Where and Cousin When

Remember how it was back then 

It’s always fine to bring your friends 

Even… vegetarians 

We come from far and wide on 

Your shoulders that we ride on 

The sons you keep your eye on 

The soldiers we rely on 

The daughters taking care of business

Do their share of the children in our care for

That’s who we are there for

Yeah, yeah, 

That’s who we are there for

Cousin Jam! 


Family is a state of mind 

So take your place, relax unwind


If you look I think you’ll see,

There are many kinds of family 

So here around the picnic table 

In their places, young and able

Old and stable, you can see

If you're here, you’re family

(Miles and Buster)

If you're here, you’re family

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