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"Attack of the Turbo Tibbles"
Season/Series: 3
Number in season: 10a
Original Airdate: United States November 27, 1998[citation needed]
Canada September 17, 1999[1]
Germany March 6, 2002[2]
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: Robert Yap
"The Return of the King"
"D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy"
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"Attack of the Turbo Tibbles" is the first half of the tenth episode in the third season of Arthur.


After sneaking a peek at a new superhero TV show, the Tibble twins decide they have superpowers and get out of control.


The episode starts off in Arthur's room. Arthur is doing his homework, but is unable to concentrate because the Tibble twins are being loud and obnoxious outside.

Arthur explains to the viewers that his homework is harder whenever the Tibbles are playing with D.W. He says that Timmy Tibble is so loud that he can scream for 5 minutes straight, and Tommy Tibble is so loud that he can seem like four kids instead of one. He then tells the viewers to imagine what it would be like if the Tibble twins had superpowers.

Attack of the Turbo Tibbles

Arthur goes downstairs and tries to convince his mother to get the Tibble twins and D.W. to be quiet. Mrs. Read says she'll talk to them.

She, however, brings them into the house and asks the three to find something less noisy to do. Tommy and Timmy declare they want to watch TV and D.W. calms them down by picking out a Mary Moo Cow video tape about feet.

Arthur can now do his homework in peace so that he can watch a magic show later on. However, as they watch it, the VCR unexpectedly stops working. D.W. narrowly prevents the Tibbles from wrecking the set and tries to fix it by hitting buttons on the remote control, but that doesn't work. The Tibbles claim that they know how to fix a VCR, but D.W. tells them to wait while she goes to get her mother.

Before leaving, she puts on a show to keep the two occupied but they claim it's for babies and begin channel surfing. They come across a show titled Terrific Turbo-Trooper Toy T-Bot Team about two robot superheroes who battle a giant whale and narwhal, respectively. They immediately become enamored with it, since it involves a lot of action and fighting.

Presently, D.W. comes back with Jane, who tells them that the show is forbidden in her house and turns it off. However, the Tibbles brag to D.W. about it, calling it "the best thing that ever was!"

The next day, as D.W. walks into preschool with Emily, she sees Tommy and Timmy dressed in full regalia consisting of costumes of the robots from Terrific Turbo Trooper Toy T-Bot Team. When she asks why, the two state that they are the actual characters and act out a scene from the show.

During coloring time, the Tibbles refuse to color, saying that they'd rather fight crime. Outside, the class practices the alphabet and the Tibbles accuse one another of mixing up the letters, resulting in them challenging each other to a fight.

Ms. Morgan indicates that since they are refusing to do their schoolwork and reenacting the show, they are getting a time-out by making a "T" with her hands. which, unbeknownst to her, is the T-Bots' signature symbol. Thus, the Tibbles see her as their leader, so they gladly oblige. Later, they play hide-and-seek, but cheat by telling each other where everyone else hides.

Several days later, D.W. calls the Tibbles asking them if they want to ride bikes, but they're too busy binge-watching the show.

The next day, the Tibbles continue to act out the show, imagining D.W. and Emily as the villains. They start to chase the girls and terrorize their classmates, so D.W. yells for Ms. Morgan who finally intervenes for the second time by giving them a time-out. Once again, they gladly oblige.

In Arthur's bedroom, D.W. blames Arthur for everything, stating that Tommy and Timmy never would have seen the show if he hadn't requested they come inside. Arthur says that she should just tell them to stop acting like the T-Bots because it's annoying. D.W. likes this approach so much, she forgets to credit Arthur for thinking it up.

At the Tibbles' house, D.W. tries to talk to them with Emily in tow, but this backfires once the Tibbles keep pretending that she is a villain. D.W. angrily orders the twins to stop, but they don't listen. Thus, in an attempt to simulate the T-Bots' laser gloves, Timmy forcefully shoves a playground swing into D.W.'s face. D.W. then falls to the ground and begins wailing loudly. Emily comes over, notices that D.W.'s mouth is bleeding and runs to get Mrs. Tibble. Timmy and Tommy, realizing they've gone too far, hide in the garage.

They initially continue to play T-Bots, but eventually, Timmy tells Tommy he no longer wants to as he is worried about D.W. He thinks she could be dying. Tommy asks if that could really happen. Timmy isn't sure.

Mrs. Tibble calls the boys, and Timmy tells Tommy if she finds both of them, they're going to be punished. When she opens the garage door, they plead for forgiveness and Mrs. Tibble, disappointed in them for what they did, says that they should be apologizing to D.W., not her. The twins ask if that means D.W. is still alive, and their grandma says she is, having been taken to the emergency room at the hospital by her mom.

Mrs. Tibble takes the twins to the hospital. Inside, D.W. has just finished having her lip stitched up and Jane commends her for having been so brave about it. Tommy and Timmy apologize profusely, stating that no one ever bled or got hurt on the show. D.W. explains that that's because the show isn't real and they finally understand that they shouldn't imitate what they see on TV.

As they leave, the Tibbles suggest that they watch "real" TV, such as wrestling or football but D.W. dislikes their suggestions.







  • At the end of the 2000 rerun intro on PBS Kids before this episode, Arthur’s crashing sound remains the same.
  • While the Tibble Twins are going to school, they imagine D.W. as a shrimp "Debulon" alien that greatly resembles Kodo.
  • Moral: It's not a good idea to try and imitate everything you see in cartoons. Cartoon characters may be able to toss each other around, but in real life, hurting someone has consequences.
  • Emily says that D.W.'s face is bleeding. However blood is not shown as D.W. covers her face. This is likely because showing blood would be inappropriate for a children's show.
    • However, previously in "Arthur's Knee", Arthur accidentally cuts his knee and was shown bleeding. A later episode, "Vomitrocious," also shows George having a nosebleed.

Cultural references[]

  • The Terrific Turbo-Trooper Toy T-Bot Team could resemble the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which was becoming popular around the time of the airing. The only difference is that instead of five (or six) in the real show, there are only two.
    • Their show title resembles Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.
    • The secret signal, though, seems to come from the Ultraman series, as it is the motion that Ultraman (and the other Ultras, for that matter) uses his Specium Beam with.
  • Pumpkins in Pants likely refers to Bananas in Pyjamas.
  • The show with the bat that the Tibble twins watch is a parody of The Busy World of Richard Scarry, another Cinar production. Timmy comments that it is "too busy and not scary". Sonja Ball, who voiced Huckle Cat in the series, reprises her role here as the bat.
    • Another Richard Scarry reference can be found when one of the T-Bots breaks into the gangster whales' hideout in the episode the Tibble twins are watching. The "Ay yi yi!" the whales cry out is taken from The Busy World of Richard Scarry, specifically the "Couscous" stories where Pepe Le Gangster and his Dirty Rats cry the same "Ay yi yi!" when their plans are foiled and they are captured.
  • A shoe can be seen floating in an asteroid field, a reference to the rumor that one of the asteroids seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was made from a shoe.

Episode connections[]

  • This is the first episode where D.W. goes to the hospital, the second and last one being "Operation: D.W.!"
  • This is the first episode where D.W. gets hit and cries; the second and last time occurred in "Arthur's Big Hit."
  • D.W. gets stitches in this episode. She tells a doll it will get stitches in "For Whom the Bell Tolls."
  • Under the name "Super Action Team," the Terrific Turbo-Trooper Toy T-Bot Team is shown in "Two Minutes."
  • Near the beginning of the episode, Arthur specifies that he wants to get his homework done so he can watch a special about magic tricks. Arthur's interest in magic tricks would be explored more in "Do You Believe In Magic?"


  • While Jane Read is changing the channel on the TV, her ear changes color for a split second.
  • The Tibbles' costumes occasionally switch in the scene where they correct Emily's singing of the alphabet.
  • When the Tibbles debate how the alphabet is sung, Timmy says that the correct line is "L-M-N-R-P". The closed captioning switches the M and N, displaying "L-N-M-R-P", although Timmy correctly said M first both times.
  • The Tibbles' costumes occasionally switch in the scene where they hurt D.W.
  • The second swing disappears when the first hits D.W., but it reappears in the next shot.

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