B.I.G. Show
B.I.G. Show
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Game type Game show
Platform Online

B.I.G. Show was a game on the Postcards from Buster section of the PBS Kids website. It was removed when the Postcards from Buster website got taken down around October 2018.


The game takes the form of a quiz game show run by Buster. First, the player chooses a country: Italy, Egypt, India, China, or Chile. Buster will spin a wheel of topics, and the player will have to answer questions about the topic that the wheel picks. Buster will show a video about the topic, and then ask three questions about it. Each question answered correctly gives ten points, and getting them all right gives the player a thirty-point bonus. When all the countries have been chosen, the bonus round will start. The player must answer five questions with a one-minute time limit. When the bonus round is completed, Buster will tally up the player's score, and allow them to play again.


  • The highest possible score is 200 points.

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