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Phony Fern 19.png
Gender Male
Animal Moose
Job Detective
Cartoon debut "Phony Fern"
Voiced by Eleanor Noble

Bastings is a fictional character in Fern's stories in "Phony Fern", "Fern and the Case of the Stolen Story", and "The Case of the Girl with the Long Face". He is Virgule Watteau's assistant and played by George, both in fantasies and when Fern plays Virgule Watteau in real life.

Bastings owns a dummy named Wallace, based on Wally.

"The Trouble with Trophies" features Annabelle Fauteuil's assistant. He is also played by George, but dresses and talks differently.

Physical Appearance

Like George, Bastings is a brown moose. He wears a light grey overcoat, a dark grey hat and tie, and a white shirt.


Bastings is Watteau's friend and partner. He is loyal but much less competent. As a typical fictional detective's sidekick, he often asks Watteau how she found something out, giving her a reason to explain.

Behind the Scenes