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"Bats in the Belfry"
Season/Series: 12
Number in season: 3b
Original Airdate: United States October 20, 2008[1]
Canada January 26, 2009[3]
United Kingdom April 8, 2009[2]
Germany November 16, 2012[4]
Written by: Susan Kim
Storyboard by: Elise Benoit
Elie Klimos
Jeremy O'Neill
"D.W.'s Stray Netkitten"
"For the Birds"
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"Bats in the Belfry" is the second half of the third episode in the twelfth season of Arthur.


Grandma Thora's attic becomes the perfect clubhouse... that is until Arthur finds a bat!


Arthur is seen talking to the viewers about how some things can be too good to be true, like not having any homework in Mr. Ratburn's class, but instead having a whole lot more reading. Then he tells the viewers about a time when he got a brand-new computer game, only to find out that it did not work on their computer. "Like always, if something seems too good to be true, it's usually because it is", Arthur says to the viewers. Then finally, D.W. tells Arthur that they are going to the amusement park, and that they will do whatever she wants. Arthur ends the introduction by saying "See what I mean?".

Bats in the Belfry

Arthur and D.W. clean out their Grandma Thora's attic and once it is all empty, she gives it up to her grandchildren. They both have their own ideas. D.W. wants a castle in her attic; Arthur wants a pirate ship.

Grandma just asks them to agree on one thing. They go to Muffy for advice. She suggests they do a timeshare. Arthur likes the idea and invites Buster to use the attic as a clubhouse. But the two of them run into commotion when they are uncertain what day to use the attic.

D.W. comes and tells them that it is her turn and shows them the calendar. Arthur thinks she have the month and day wrong, but Buster said that it is September and she is right. D.W. says she was supposed to have a sleepover with Emily but she could not make it. She offers to let the boys use the attic if there are no scary stories involved. After a while, Arthur and Buster want to play a game of "No Guessing!". D.W. disagrees and wants to play a "Mary Moo Cow" game.

They play D.W.'s game and she wins. Then it is bedtime. The lights go out and before Arthur and Buster know it, D.W. is sound asleep and they want to tell scary stories. When Buster begins, Arthur sees something fly by. Buster did not notice and he continues.

It comes by again, and this time, Buster comes to take a look. He spots nothing, but an old rag doll that D.W. had when she was a baby. Buster panics, but Arthur just laughs. Then he takes a look and spots something unusual. It is a bat with an angry face! The two scream and run downstairs.

They leave the flashlight on, waking D.W. up. Buster is afraid the bat is a vampire bat and if it ate D.W., she would turn into a bat. Buster wants to find garlic, but is unable to do so; he does, however, find garlic salt. Back in the attic, the two spot D.W. following the bat with a flashlight.

Buster pours the salt over D.W., who is annoyed. D.W. changes the subject by telling a story called "Starry Moony", from a book about a bat named Starry Moony that Jane read to her. Arthur goes back to bed and Buster sprinkles salt around the sleeping bag and zips it up tight. Arthur continues shining the flashlight and the bat flies away.

The next morning, they all tell Grandma Thora about the bat. Grandma Thora says they should have alerted her and tells them that bats can carry rabies. D.W. wonders what rabies is and Grandma Thora explains that rabies is a serious disease one can get from being bitten by wild animals. D.W. then blames Arthur for leaving her in the attic.

Arthur calms her down by telling her the bat was just wandering around. Thora says that she does not want the kids sharing the attic with a bat. Arthur frowns, saying "There goes our clubhouse." Grandma tells them it is not necessarily going away.

David builds a bat box, and Thora puts a screen in the attic window so no bats can go inside. Buster brings garlic (just in case). Arthur sees two bats fly into the new bat box. Then the two bats disagree about the space they have so the boy bat (Arthur) suggests a timeshare. They disagree again over the week they use it, and the episode finishes.







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  • Arthur says he has never seen a bat before in this episode, but in "The Cave," he was in a cave full of them.
    • He probably meant up close, though, or this episode could have taken place before "The Cave."
  • D.W. does not know what rabies is but, in "The Making of Arthur," she knew what it meant.
    • Although, this episode might have taken place before "The Making of Arthur."


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