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Baxter Day
Baxter day
Relaxing in bed on Baxter Day
Type Family holiday
Holder Buster and Bitzi Baxter
Frequency Annual (on December 25)
Introduced In Arthur's Perfect Christmas

Baxter Day is a holiday envisioned by Buster Baxter in Arthur's Perfect Christmas as a replacement for a traditional frenetic Christmas. The idea is first suggested to him by Arthur after he and The Brain notice his tiredness due to his mother continuously waking him up, thinking that it's Christmas morning. Buster imagines in the form of the song what the holiday would be like, but is reluctant to go ahead with it. He at first allows his mother to try to give him a traditional Christmas, but after things go badly at a restaurant brunch, he tells her the idea and she agrees.


Baxter Day

Up in the morning, breakfast in bed
Hot fudge sundaes on toast, yum!
Birdies are singing and I'm singing too
'Cause today's the day I love the most!

And after breakfast, I'll have a snack
Two cheeseburgers and pie
My friends are coming to watch us go
On a rocketship, let's wave goodbye

'Cause it's Baxter Day
Oh, yes, it's Baxter Day!
Stop whatever you're doing, let me hear you say
"Today is Baxter Day!"

I could tell jokes to an alien crowd
Somewhere in outer space
"What has two heads and giggles a lot?
You give up? I don't know, but it's crawling on your face!"
Stop by the moon, just to make sure
It's really made of cheese
The thing I like best about this kind of day
Is that we can do whatever we please

'Cause it's Baxter Day
Oh, yes, it's Baxter Day!
Stop whatever you're doing, let me hear you say
"Today is Baxter Day!"

No need for presents, there's nothing I need
You won't find it in a store in the mall
We're together and that's my gift
It's the very best present of all

We could just sleep late
If that's what we wanted to do
We could even stay in pajamas all day
And maybe eat a snack or five

We could just read books
Stories that would make us laugh!
And if we got dirty
We wouldn't even have to take a bath, you know why?
Because it's Baxter Day!
Oh, yeah, baby, it's Baxter Day!
Stop whatever you're doing, let me hear you say
"Today is Baxter Day!"
It's just a relaxer day
Yes, today is Baxter Day
All day, that is.

From the PBSKids Official Arthur website[]

The Holiday: Baxter Day is a holiday created by Buster and his mom. It is celebrated on December 25 and It's their very own day to spend together, doing whatever they feel like doing! What would you do on your very own holiday?
Comic Books: Buster can spend Baxter Day hanging out and reading comic books all day long without anyone bothering him.
Cheeseburgers and Ice Cream: Buster could eat cheeseburgers and ice cream all day with no problem on any day -- but especially on Baxter Day.
Pajamas: On Baxter Day, Buster doesn't have to get dressed if he doesn't want to.
Rocket Ship: Buster wants to go on a rocket ship and tell jokes to the aliens.
Time with Mom: An important part of Baxter Day for Buster is spending time with his mom.
(Taken from Brain's Big Book)