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Beauregard Poulet
Beauregard Poulet
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Hair color Grey
Complexion Brown
Cartoon debut "Sue Ellen Chickens Out"

Beauregard Poulet is the advertising character of the fast-food chain Chickin Lickin'. He is an elderly man with a beard wearing a blue-grey suit and hat, a white shirt with a black string tie, and he speaks with a Southern accent.

According to a Chickin Lickin' commercial, Beauregard Poulet got a secret recipe for chicken from his dad 45 years ago[1]. When Sue Ellen meets him in "Sue Ellen Chickens Out" to persuade him not to buy the Sugar Bowl and turn it into a Chickin Lickin, she finds out that the man is an actor and that Beauregard Poulet is not a real person.


  • He is a parody of Colonel Sanders from KFC, who unlike Beauregard Poulet, was a real person though much of his public image was an act.
  • In For the Birds, the closed captioning misspells his name as "Beaurigard Poulet".
  • Poulet means "chicken" in French.
    • Beauregard is a valise word for beau regard, which means "beautiful gaze" in French.




  1. "And this here is the very porch where my daddy gave me the secret recipe for his Chickin Lickin' chicken. That was forty-five years ago." - "Sue Ellen Chickens Out"