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Bell X-1 Model Plane
ABH 21
Item Type

Model Kit


Arthur Read (formerly)
George Lundgren

First Appeared (cartoon)

Arthur's Big Hit

First Appeared (books)


The Bell X-1 Model Plane is scale model plane, based on the actual Bell X-1 rocket plane. The plane requires assembly and paint.

Arthur built one in "Arthur's Big Hit," which took him all week to make. However, D.W. then threw it out of Arthur's bedroom window to make it fly, only to see it crash onto the sidewalk and break into pieces.

He built a second one in "Bleep," dropping it and breaking it just like the first one.

In "Arthur Sells Out", a third model is among Arthur's old toys.

George also owns one, seen in his closet in various episodes like "Big Horns George." The model kit is seen in his room in "Crime and Consequences".

In "The Longest Eleven Minutes", a Bell X-1 model is seen in the garage next to the encyclopedia.

In "All Will Be Revealed", during an argument between Arthur and D.W., the former reminds her of the time she wrecked the plane.


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