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Betsy Johnson
Betsy Johnson 2.png
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Yellowish white
Complexion Light orange
Cartoon debut "Strangers on a Train"
Voiced by Bailey Stocker

Betsy Johnson is an old woman who has only appears in the episode "Strangers on a Train." She had written in her diary, which Sue Ellen found, that she traveled to a lot of places, and frequently took the train on which Sue Ellen is riding. Sue Ellen initially mistakes Betsy Johnson to be the ghost of the Crown City Star, but the misunderstanding is soon cleared up when she is revealed to be an ordinary passenger on the train.

Physical appearance

Betsy is a cat with a light orange completion. She has wavy white hair. Her current attire includes a flowery hat, pink sweater, tan cover-up and khaki pants. She is shown holding a green, peach, and pink purse.

After reading in Betsy's diary, Sue Ellen imagines Betsy as a young girl. The imagined child version of Betsy has shoulder-long brown hair and an aardvark-like nose. (This may be due to Sue Ellen not knowing who Betsy really is.)


Betsy as a little girl (in Sue Ellen's imagination)

She is portrayed as an older woman. She was stated to be eight years old in the 1930s. Betsy is playful, outgoing, kind, creative and wise. She always carries saltwater taffy with her.



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