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"Big Brother Binky"
Season/Series: 11
Number in season: 10
Original Airdate: United States September 7, 2007[1]
Canada November 7, 2007[4]
United Kingdom January 2, 2008 (Part 1)[2]
January 3, 2008 (Part 2) [3]
Germany May 21, 2008[5]
Written by: Stephanie Simpson
Storyboard by: Stéfanie Gignac
Elie Klimos
Elise Benoit
"Spoiled Rotten!"
"Is That Kosher?"
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"Big Brother Binky" is the tenth episode in the eleventh season of Arthur. It is a two-part episode.


When Binky's family adopts a baby girl from China, Binky worries about how his life will change and if his new sister will like him.


On a winter day in Tibet, Binky trains with Arthur about the activity of the big brother. Soon, he tests his skills on D.W., but bossy D.W. has her own rules so Arthur and Binky run off.

Big Brother Binky

Part 1: One evening at dinner, Binky's parents announce that they plan to adopt a baby. Binky simply continues to eat and then goes into the living room to watch a wrestling match. When the show finishes, Mr. Barnes comes into the room and tells Binky that he is going to be an older brother with a baby sister from China. When Binky goes to sleep, he wonders if the baby is coming all by herself. Mrs. Barnes says that they will be going to China to pick her up, making Binky even more excited. He dreams of him and his sister in a wrestling match and beating the opponent.

Binky wakes up the next day and looks in the mirror saying, "Well, big brother, you'd better get ready." He then packs up, but his mom says it could be a year before they go. Binky does not want to wait, so his mom gives him a job to make sure they get their entire paperwork in on time. As a reward for that, they all go out for Chinese food. Binky hopes that the wait will not be long, but they still have to make the baby's room. Binky wonders if there will be a new room or if he gets a bigger one, but it turns out that his parents want to make the baby sleep in his old game room, which disappoints Binky. When going through the closet, Mrs. Barnes finds an old piece of fabric to use for the Bai Jia Bei, the new quilt for Binky's sister. Binky wonders if he had one also, but Mrs. Barnes says that the quilt is part of a tradition that she did not know about when Binky was a baby. Day after day, his friends keep giving him patches for the quilt. Soon the new room is all built. Mrs. Barnes comes in the room with a photo of Mei Lin: Binky's new sister. Arthur calls Mrs. Read and D.W. to see the picture. When Arthur asks when the baby can come home, Binky's mom remembers something: Travel shots. Binky hopes the baby will be worth it. While packing up the items the baby needs, they run out of room and the suitcase explodes. Binky wants to bring a butterfly net with him, but there is no room for it. Some of what the baby needs has to go in his suitcase. After packing, Binky goes to bed cranky since he feels that he has to share too much. Binky then has a nightmare about being small compared to the new baby. When Binky wakes up, his mom and dad are already there and ready to go to China. On the flight, a child kicks the back of Binky's seat and he turns around and shouts at her. Mrs. Barnes scolds Binky, which makes him think his mom no longer cares about him, but Mrs. Barnes says she will always love him as much as she always had. Mrs. Barnes has a surprise: A quilt just for Binky. Binky is excited about meeting Mei Lin and wonders if Mei Lin feels the same.

Part 2: The plane is about to land in China and Binky is excited to meet Mei Lin and wants to know if she will be at the airport. However, it will be at least a few days before picking her up. Binky complains about more waiting, but Mr. Barnes tells him there will be sightseeing to distract them. When the day comes to pick up Mei Lin, Binky worries about getting the wrong baby. Mr. and Mrs. Barnes assure him that it that will not happen since the people have done this many times. Finally, Binky and his parents meet Mei Lin. When Mei Lin begins to cry, Binky quickly tries to stop her from crying, afterwards realizing that he has a special talent in stopping Mei Lin from crying. It works for a while, but does not work anymore when Mei Lin meets Arthur, who eventually stops her crying. One night, Binky and his family are at a Chinese restaurant when Arthur and his family show up and Binky starts to worry that Mei Lin would rather have Arthur for her brother. Then, Mei Lin throws her food at Binky. Binky blows raspberries at her, with Mei Lin doing the same thing.







Episode connections[]

  • Binky's peanut allergy from "Binky Goes Nuts" is brought up again, as he eats peanut-free egg rolls.
  • When D.W. says she is good with babies, she refers to "D.W.'s Baby," where she takes care of Kate.
  • Binky's interest in catching the red lacewing is a callback to his fascination for butterflies in "Binky Barnes, Wingman."
  • The little girl who sits behind Binky on the plane has the same character model as Hothead from "April 9th".
  • As of this episode, both of Arthur's sisters have friends who are siblings of members of the Tough Customers. It was established in "Arthur Makes Waves" that James, who is friends with D.W., is the younger brother of Molly.

Cultural references[]


  • When Binky goes to sing the lullaby in Mei Lin's bedroom, he enters wearing his pajamas. In the next shot, when his back is turned, he is shown wearing his regular orange shirt. When shown from the front again, he is back in his pajamas.
  • When the Reads meet Binky and his family at the Chinese restaurant, one moment D.W. is standing, and in the next shot she is seated.
  • When Binky is looking for the checkers set in the closet, it is not there. But a few seconds later, it appears under the "Chess" box.
  • When Binky moves his piece to the star in the middle of the No Guessing! set, it makes the sound of a baby toy, referring to Mei Lin.
  • In the scene where Binky and his parents are on the plane, Mr. Barnes is sleeping, and his skin is dark brown.

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