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Grade 4th
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Hair color Dark brown
Cartoon debut Arthur's Eyes

Billy[1] is a fourth grader at Lakewood Elementary School. His name was revealed in the episode Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn. He was previously in Mr. Ratburn's third grade class.

He is also a member of the Tough Customers, a group of bullies at Lakewood. Despite being in the Tough Customers there is a chance he might be friends with Buster, which is seen in the episode Buster Makes the Grade.

Physical appearance

Billy is a bear with a light brown complexion. He has dark brown hair. He wears a yellow and blue shirt with a blue number 8 on the back and on both sleeves. He wears jeans and red-and-white shoes. His head shape is similar to the Tibble Twins.


  • Despite being in the Tough Customers, Billy has rarely been seen with them.
  • He was part of the group of kids at Camp Horsewater.
  • He appears to be friends with Buster, which makes an odd friendship along with Steve.




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