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Billy Bittles and Bobby Bittles
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Billy and Bobby
Billy and Bobby
Billy Bittles (left) and Bobby Bittles (right)
Gender Male
Animal Bear
Complexion Peach
Cartoon debut So Long, Spanky

Billy Bittles and Bobby Bittles are preschoolers that made their first appearance in the episode "So Long, Spanky." Billy is a vegetarian.[1] Even though they have not appeared since Season 3, Liam and Unknown Male Bear are similar in appearance and may have replaced the Bittles.

In "So Long, Spanky," they try putting a spider on D.W. only for the spider to be eaten by Toady, who is hiding in D.W.'s backpack. Billy and Bobby run screaming in fear.

They appear again in "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival" as part of the chorus singing "Library Card."

One of them also appears in the episode "Arthur's Lost Library Book." He is in the library with D.W., Edwin, and Unknown Female Aardvark while Mr. Ratburn performs a puppet show.

Physical appearance[]

Billy and Bobby are both bears with a light peach/pink complexion, though Billy has a round head like the Tibbles while Bobby has a more rectangular head. Billy wears a purple shirt with a single yellow stripe, short tanned khakis, cream colored socks, and brown shoes. Bobby wears a green shirt, blue overalls over his green shirt, cream colored socks, and brown shoes. Both twins have some hair on their heads.


  • Even though these two characters have not appeared since Season 3, it's very possible that they have been "reincarnated" into Liam and Unknown Male Bear.



  1. "D.W.: And then Billy Bittles gave me a bite of his avocado sandwich. He's a vegetable-tarian.
    Jane: Vegetarian.
    D.W.: Right." — D.W. Read and Jane Read, "So Long, Spanky"