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"Binky's 'A' Game"
Season/Series: 21
Number in season: 1a
Original Airdate: United States October 24, 2017[1]
Canada May 15, 2017[citation needed]
United Kingdom June 1, 2020[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Michel Carbonneau
"Ladonna's Like List"
"Brain and the Time Capsule"
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"Binky's 'A' Game" is the first half of the first episode in the twenty-first season of Arthur.


When Binky gets an A on his test, Muffy and Francine are convinced that he cheated.


In the introduction, Brain shows Arthur a rather simple comic about a mean cat pranking a dog. Arthur is surprised that Brain finds it so funny. Arthur mentions how people you know can still surprise you. He gives an example of Mr. Ratburn having class outside on a summer's day, though he still gives the class a pop quiz. The biggest surprise was Binky.

Binky's ‘A’ Game

Mr. Ratburn announces a test on Galileo the next day. Binky enjoys himself until after dinner, when his mom makes him start doing his homework. He is reluctant, but gets hooked when he reads that Galileo loved music. He stays up late reading his history book.

The next morning, Binky's chair breaks, so he has to sit next to Brain. After the test, Francine and Muffy complain about how hard it was. Binky effortlessly names the four Galilean moons of Jupiter (one of the questions), but Muffy thinks he just used the names of professional wrestlers. When Mr. Ratburn returns the tests, however, Binky has received an A, much to his surprise.

Later in the Sugar Bowl, Francine and Muffy tell Arthur and Buster that Binky deliberately broke his chair so that he could copy from Brain. Buster instead suggests that Binky invented a brain-enhancing smoothie. Arthur defends Binky and Buster decides to investigate.

Buster dresses as a detective and confronts Binky, but he just makes him angry. Binky in turn confronts Muffy, but she points out how bad he usually does on tests and does not believe him.

Binky tells Brain his sorrows in the ice-cream shop. Brain tells him that it is only Muffy and Francine and that it is because of his image.

The next day, Binky comes to school wearing posh clothes, but Francine is not fooled, especially after Binky flunks the next test. Arthur suggests getting an A on the upcoming science test by studying.

Binky finds the topic hard. A shoulder devil suggests he should make cheat sheets, so he spends the evening doing that. He throws them away before the test, however.

That afternoon, Binky tells Brain about the cheat sheets. Brain tells him that copying information is a good way to memorize it and indeed, the next day, Binky finds that he received an A-. He shows it to Francine and Muffy, who apologize and admit that he is smarter than they gave him credit for.






Episode connections

  • Arthur uses the phrase "sometimes you think you know someone..." in the intro of this episode and previously in "Kung Fool." Muffy says, "Sometimes you think you know a person..." in "A is for Angry."
  • Binky and Mei Lin play with an Uncle Slam bobblehead figure.
  • Binky is seen playing a video game from the Dark Bunny Curse of the Moomy video game series, which first appears in "Crushed."
  • Mr. Morris is mentioned to be working as a janitor even though Ladonna is living in Elwood City. According to “April 9th”, Mr. Morris moved to New Mexico before the Compsons’ arrival.
  • This is only the second episode (after “What’s In A Name?”) in which Binky's real name, Shelley, is mentioned. Binky signs his tests “Shelley Barnes”, though neither he nor Mr. Ratburn ever use that name, except in one fantasy.
  • Buster acts as a detective. He had previously done this in "Arthur Accused!," "Binky Rules," "The Butler Did... What?" "The Case of the Girl with the Long Face," and "To Eat or Not to Eat."
    • Muffy mentions Fern with whom Buster had a partnership/rivalry in “Binky Rules”. In that episode he also wore the same detective outfit.

Cultural references

  • Galileo is mentioned many times throughout the episode. His father, the musician Vincenzo Galilei, and his fellow astronomer, Johannes Kepler, are also mentioned.
  • The questions on Binky's test are as follows:
    • 1. Where was Galileo born?
      • Pisa
    • 2. Name three instruments Galileo invented.
      • microscope, military compass, pendulum for clocks
    • 3. Name the four moons of Jupiter Galileo discovered.
      • Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto
    • 4. Galileo and Kepler disagreed about orbits. What did each of them believe?
      • Galileo believed they were circles, Kepler believed they were ellipses.
    • 5. What do we call the period of history when Galileo lived?
      • The Renaissance


Look at Binky and Mr. Ratburn's hands.

  • After Mr. Ratburn helps Binky up from the floor when his chair breaks, his hands are the same skin tone as Binky's. They are back to their usual tone in the next scene.
  • When Mr. Ratburn hands out the science test sheets, Fern's is already graded.



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