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Binky's House
Barneses' House
Location Elwood City
Type House
Administrator Barnes family
Number of rooms 4-5
Residents Mr. Barnes
Mrs. Barnes
Binky Barnes
Mei Lin Barnes

Binky's House[1] is a house in Elwood City owned by the Barnes family. It is a one-story house where Binky lives with his parents and adopted baby sister Mei Lin.

The residence is located in Elwood City. According to the Elwood City Map on the PBS site, Binky lives near Bear Lake.


Arthur Website (Elwood City Map)[]

Binky lives here with his mom and dad. He loves sports, so there's lots of equipment lying around, including his dance shoes. Binky also plays clarinet, and thinks his bedroom has perfect acoustics for practicing. The one thing in his bedroom you might not expect? A nightlight. It helps him sleep, and he doesn't care who knows it!