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This article is about the band. You may be looking for Binky Barnes.
Binky band.jpg
Left to right: Kyra, Nero, Inga, and Bjorn
Gender 2 Females and 2 Males
Animal Aardvark (Nero),
Bear (Bjorn),
Cat (Kyra),
Rabbit (Inga)
Residence Finland
Job Band
Book debut Arthur Rocks with BINKY
Cartoon debut "Binky Rules" (mentioned),
"Meet Binky"
Voiced by Värttinä (singing voices)

Binky (stylized as BINKY) is a Finnish band that became #1 on the charts in America in just two hours. In the episodes "Binky Rules" and "Meet Binky," all the kids are talking about them and buying fan articles.

In "Binky Rules", Radio DJ Dr. Jake tells his staff to put graffiti saying Binky Rules on buildings to advertize the band. Binky Barnes gets blamed for the graffiti until Buster and Fern figure out that Binky is also a band. Binky Barnes gets free tickets to the Binky concert to make up for the trouble.

In "Meet Binky", the band give their first concert ever in Elwood City. Before that they had given neither concerts nor interviews. Since is dad is catering for the crew, Arthur gets to go backstage and he finds out why. Binky are holograms created by their manager Svern's Troglibyte 2000, and their songs are created by his partner Winston's music emulation machine which combines the voices of the world's greatest singers.

In later episodes, the musicians character models are reused for other characters.




  • In reality, Binky's hit song is Matalii ja Mustii by Finnish folk band Värttinä.
  • The first letters of their individual names (Bjorn Inga Nero Kyra) spell BINKY, which likely refers to the Swedish pop group ABBA (Agnetha, Benny, Björn, Anni-Frid).