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This article is about the book. You may be looking for the episode.
Binky Rules
9780316123334 388X586
Author Marc Brown
Stephen Krensky
Publication date December 1, 2000
Published by Little, Brown Books For Young Readers
Publication Order
Preceded by
Buster's New Friend (book)
Followed by
Arthur and the Double Dare

Binky Rules is the 24th book in the Arthur chapter book series. It is based on the episode of the same name. It is 64 pages long.

Differences from the episode[]

In the book, "Binky Rules" was also written on the ground under the bushes by the school wall, and it was written in yellow chalk rather than pink, and in a much simpler form than in the episode. In the episode, only the wall and doors were vandalized.


  • This book was released twenty-five months after Arthur Rocks with BINKY, despite it being the prequel to that book/episode.