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"Binky vs. Binky"
Season/Series: 10
Number in season: 8a
Original Airdate: United States May 24, 2006[1]
Canada September 22, 2006[3]
United Kingdom November 15, 2006[2]
Germany May 5, 2008[4]
Written by: Raye Lankford
Storyboard by: Patricia Atchison
"D.W., Bossy Boots"
"Operation: D.W.!"
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"Binky vs. Binky" is the first half of the eighth episode in the tenth season of Arthur.


Binky overcomes his fear of competition within athletics when he takes up biking, and finds out that winning isn't everything, but rather, the courage to continue in the light of failure.


In the introduction Binky remarks that people can be proud of strange things like rare blues records or eating a huge pizza. Binky himself is proud of a violet polka-dot shirt.

Binky vs. Binky

Lakewood Elementary is playing a soccer match against Mighty Mountain. Right before the end Lakewood is losing by one goal. Francine wants Binky to charge ahead while she follows with the ball. When she trips, Binky gets the ball and has a great chance to tie the match. Suddenly his self-doubts materialize and confuse him so much that he tries to pass back to Francine, leading to Mighty Mountain scoring another goal. After the game Francine is angry. Arthur and Brain give examples of Binky being good at baseball and swimming but failing whenever he has to compete against others.

At home Binky is embarrassed because his mother wants to keep a trophy he got for merely participating in a competition. He has a nightmare of his friends making fun of him.

The next day Binky rides his bike to the city dump to get rid of the trophy. On the way he overtakes Mr. Frensky. Mr. Frensky tells him that he is a natural at biking and should try the racecourse at World's End Park. He also tells Binky about famous bicycle racer Vance Legstrong.

Binky starts biking on the racecourse regularly and writing down his times. When Mr. Frensky suggests he should compete in an amateur race, Francine tells him that Binky does not like to compete. Binky tells her she's wrong, but when he is about to fill out the application form, his self-doubts reappear. His Vance Legstrong poster starts speaking and tells Binky to compete only against himself and ignore all others. Then Binky tells him "You're the best cyclist in the world!" Then Vance asks Binky "How do you think I got to be the best cyclist in the world?" Then he becomes a poster again. 

On the day of the race Binky easily takes the lead while racing up a hill, but then he crashes. He is about to give up when another Vance Legstrong poster reminds him to compete against himself. Binky gets back on his bike, overtakes his materialized doubts and finishes the race. Francine congratulates him for finishing despite the crash and still not being last. Mr. Frensky gives him the violet polka-dot shirt that Binky won for being the best hill climber.

The episode ends with Binky explaining that the shirt may look funny but feels great to wear. He also angrily tells the viewers to knock before they enter next time.






  • This episode and its sister episode Operation: D.W.! are two of five episodes to have been pulled from the rerun rotation in the United States following the Lance Armstrong doping case. However, this episode pair was pulled later than the other three episodes; they aired at least twice following the case, with the last national airing being on January 30, 2013, five months after Armstrong was charged.[5] It is believed that this episode pair continued airing in reruns on PBS stations that opted to air Arthur reruns on an independent rotation as opposed to the national one.
  • Binky is shown to be 10 years old in this episode.
  • The interior design of the pizzeria featured in Buster's flashback was later recycled for Pizza Paula's.

Cultural references

  • Vance Legstrong is a parody of Lance Armstrong.
  • Loop d'Italia, which Vance Legstrong won four times, alludes to the Giro d'Italia which Lance Armstrong never won. However, Armstrong did compete in the race in 2009, three years after this episode originally aired. He finished in 12th place, though this was stripped along with the rest of his racing results after his lifetime cycling ban.


  • Despite his intense aquaphobia seen in "Water and the Brain," the Brain is shown participating in swimming practice.

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