Bionic Bunny Walkie-Talkies
Bionic Bunny Walkie Talkies
Item Type

Walkie Talkies


Arthur Read
Alan Powers
Alberto Molina
Binky Barnes
Buster Baxter
Francine Frensky
Muffy Crosswire

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur Bounces Back"

First Appeared (books)


The Bionic Bunny Walkie-Talkies are walkie-talkies that Arthur and his friends use to communicate with each other from distant locations, rather than using a regular telephone. These electronics are mainly used by fanatics of Bionic Bunny.


The Bionic Bunny Walkie-Talkies are blue walkie-talkies that have white Bionic Bunny ears and a red antenna on the top, the Bionic Bunny "B" emblem on the rear side, and have the speaker, receiver, and buttons on the front of it. The buttons are used to call other people from distant locations, most often when telephone use is not an option.



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