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Bitzi Baxter
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Eye color Green[1]
Hair color Reddish-orange
Complexion White
Residence Buster's Condo, Elwood City
Family Bob Baxter (brother)

Stu (other brother)
Bo Baxter (ex-husband)
Buster Baxter (son)
Bitzi's grandfather[2]
Bitzi's mother
Bitzi's father (father)
Buster's younger cousin (niece/nephew)?
Buster's older cousin (niece/nephew)?

Job Elwood City Times editor-in-chief
Book debut Arthur's First Sleepover
Cartoon debut "D.W. All Wet"
Voiced by Ellen David

Bitzi Lynne Baxter[3] is Buster's mother.

Physical appearance[]

Fright Night - young Bitzi Baxter

Flashback from "Fright Night" shows Bitzi as a young girl

Bitzi is a white rabbit with auburn hair. She wears yellow glasses, a pink dress and wears a dark bluish-green coat over her dress when going to work.

As a child, she wore the same style of glasses and hairstyle.


She and Buster are best friends, and they even have their own handshake. They do everything together, such as going to movies and going grocery shopping, while also seeing how fast they can get everything before getting to the checkout.

She is overprotective of Buster, and at first, she did not allow Buster to go to Arthur's sleepover because of a so-called UFO sighting (although she changed her mind after Buster assured her he wouldn't be scared). Despite her kind nature, she often becomes frantic when problems occur, because she is trying her best to raise him without a male role model in the house to influence him.

Early on, she was depicted as something of a worrywart, often panicking and becoming concerned for Buster's well-being over very minor things. However, in more recent seasons, she is shown to have become more relaxed, and also seems to trust Buster more often than not.

She dated Harry Mills starting in "Bitzi's Beau", and they broke up with each other in "Bitzi's Break-up". Since then, she has not had a boyfriend.



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  • When she made her first appearance in the book Arthur's First Sleepover in 1994, she had blonde hair, blue glasses and was wearing an orange dress with reddish-orange polka-dots. Her appearance changed when she became a cartoon character and has remained that way in the later books, as well.
  • She dated Harry Mills, the sports writer for The Elwood City Times, from "Bitzi's Beau" until "Bitzi's Break-up". They broke up because each was too busy with work to maintain the relationship; however, the two have since remained good friends.
  • Her nephew/niece is mentioned by Buster in That's a Baby Show!.


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