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This article is about Buster's father. You may be looking for Ladonna's aunt, Bo.
Bo Baxter
Bo Baxter
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit

Half human and half rabbit (Season 9 new look)

Hair color Brown
Family Bitzi Baxter (ex-wife)
Buster Baxter (son)

Bitzi's mother (ex-mother-in-law)
Bitzi's father (ex-father-in-law)
Stu (ex-brother-in-law)
Buster's cousin 1 (niece, nephew, ex-niece, or ex-nephew)
Buster's cousin 2 (niece, nephew, ex-niece, or ex-nephew)
Buster's aunt (sister or ex-sister-in-law)
Job Pilot
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Faraway Friend" (pictured)
Voiced by Marcel Jeannin

Bo Baxter is the father of Buster and ex-husband of Bitzi. He is a pilot. In "Arthur's Faraway Friend," Buster went traveling with him all around the world up until the first episode of season three, "Buster's Back." Currently he is the private pilot of a band that is on tour called Los Viajeros. He flies them around North America and a variety of other places. Although he and Bitzi are divorced in the series, they are married in the books, but only Bitzi has appeared in the book Arthur's First Sleepover. Bo is mentioned in Arthur's New Puppy and Arthur's Christmas.

Physical appearance[]

Bo was formerly only seen wearing a pilot uniform that consists of a teal hat, a white long-sleeved top, teal pants with a belt buckle, and gray loafers. In his early appearances, he was originally shown as an older version of Buster and his face was generally hidden from view. He only talked once in the series at the end of the episode "Arthur's Faraway Friend", however, he did show up in pictures.

Change of appearance[]

In the pilot episode, "Postcards from Buster", Bo is redesigned to have glasses, long hair, slightly tanner skin/fur, a cleft chin, and a less round face.

In the spin-off series, his appearance changed drastically again, now looking much more like a human adult male with a very short brown buzz-cut and a different pair of glasses.



Postcards from Buster[]

Bo Baxter has appeared in most of the Postcards From Buster episodes.


  • The character was created when Daniel Brochu, the voice of Buster, decided to take a sabbatical in Australia in 1997. As the studio did not want to replace him, Buster was written as having travelled the world with his pilot father.
  • He and Bitzi got divorced when Buster was four. Arthur mentions this in “1001 Dads”.