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Dean Lomax

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"Looking for Bonnie"

Bonnie is the nickname of an acoustic guitar owned by musician, Dean Lomax.

Dean always addresses the guitar as "Bonnie" and treats it with care and even dresses it with sunglasses (which George finds weird).


A common story tells the origin of Bonnie. This story is common but not true.

Dean Lomax was taking a walk in the countryside and then rested under a tree. He decided to write a song but he could not figure out what to put after "I was looking for". A storm came and Dean danced in the rain, but all of a sudden the tree he was sitting under got struck by lightning and the remains of the tree formed the shape of a guitar. He then decided to name the guitar Bonnie.

With the guitar he performed his first song called "Looking for Bonnie". It was a hit and he gained fame from the song.

However, it turned out that Dean bought the guitar in Chicago in 1963 for 40 dollars.

When Bonnie broke, Dean took the guitar to Neil Lundgren, the father of George Lundgren claiming that Neil was the "best doctor" for Bonnie.

When Dean arrived in Elwood City he gave Neil control of Bonnie.

George told Arthur and Buster about Dean and Bonnie and Buster told him the story of the origin of Bonnie. After that Buster went to George's house for a sleepover since it was Friday night. However, George did not expect this but let Buster stay anyway. During the night Buster kept bothering George, asking him to come with him to go see Bonnie. George eventually gave in and they went into the woodshop.

George and Buster had dreams about Bonnie. While on their way out of the room they got locked in because the door locks from the other side.

Dean and Neil later come in the woodshop and find George and Buster. Dean tells them about how they were wrong and Bonnie was bought at a store. Dean rides off with Bonnie.