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Brain (3rd grader)
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Season 1

Arthur's Eyes

Arthur's Spelling Trubble

Buster's Dino Dilemma

D.W. the Copycat

Arthur Accused!

Arthur Goes to Camp

Arthur's Birthday

Francine Frensky, Superstar

Arthur and the True Francine

Meek for a Week

Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper

Arthur's Chicken Pox

Sue Ellen Moves In

The Perfect Brother

Bully for Binky

Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble

I'm a Poet

The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club

My Club Rules

Stolen Bike

Arthur's First Sleepover

Season 2


Binky Barnes, Art Expert

Arthur's Lucky Pencil

Buster and the Daredevils

The Big Blow-Up

Water and the Brain

Love Notes for Muffy

Arthur the Loser

Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard

Finders Key-pers

How the Cookie Crumbles

Season 3

The Ballad of Buster Baxter

Sue Ellen and the Brainasaurous

Meet Binky

Arthur Rides the Bandwagon

Dad's Dessert Dilemma

Popular Girls

Buster's Growing Grudge

The Return of the King

Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival

lThe Long, Dull Winter

Season 4

Muffy's New Best Friend

Season 5

The Lousy Week

Season 6

Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?

Season 7

Elwood City Turns 100

Season 8


Desk Wars

Season 9

Arthur Weighs In

The Law of the Jungle Gym

Season 10

D.W., Bossy Boots

Arthur's Missing Pal

Season 11


Brain's Shocking Secret

Season 12

For the Birds

Season 13

When Carl Met George

Season 14

The Wheel Deal

Season 15

Muffy's Classy Classics Club

Season 16

Get Smart

Brain's Chess Mess

Season 17


Brain Freeze

Season 18

The Case of the Girl with the Long Face