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Buffy list for tennis
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Red
Complexion Cream
Family Henry V (great (x6) uncle; according to cartoon),
Henry VIII (great (x9) uncle; according to book)
Book debut King Arthur
Cartoon debut "The Return of the King"

Buffy[1] is a student of Glenbrook Academy in Mr. Pryce-Jones' 3rd grade class, and a lookalike of Muffy Crosswire. Her first and only appearance so far was in "The Return of the King".

She went against Muffy in the tennis match, but Muffy's modern racket broke before they could play the 16th century version.

Buffy used a 16th-century tennis racket that (supposedly) was passed down from Henry V (her great-great-great-great-great-great uncle).

Her name is only revealed in the book "King Arthur".

Physical appearance[]

Buffy is a rabbit with a cream complexion and hair identical to Muffy's, but with white bows.

She wears the Glenbrook uniform with a white collar shirt, a dark blue tie, a plaid skirt, a light blue V-neck shirt, and a medium blue jacket bearing the Glenbrook insignia.






  • She may be making up the relation to Henry V, referencing "Background Blues".
  • She is unnamed in the show, but the chapter book based on the episode says her name is Buffy.


  1. "When Buffy served to her, the ball knocked Muffy's racket right out of her hand." — Narrator, King Arthur