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"Bunny Trouble"
Season/Series: 20 (US)
Number in season: 3b
Original Airdate: United States October 12, 2016[1]
United Kingdom November 19, 2018 [2]
Written by: Kathy Waugh
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"He Said, He Said"
"Bud's Knotty Problem"
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"Bunny Trouble" is the second half of the third episode in the twentieth season of Arthur.


Larry, the class bunny, wanders off while at the Read house.


In the introduction, Arthur talks about how you do some things alone, like tying your shoes. D.W. accuses him of eating all the pancakes alone. Arthur continues that you need a friend for some things like playing ball or doing homework. He concludes that you need very special help if you are looking for a lost bunny.

Bunny Trouble

D.W. gets to take Larry the preschool rabbit home for vacation week, which makes the Tibbles jealous.

Arthur puts Larry's cage in D.W.'s room and reminds her that caring for a rabbit is more than just liking it. D.W. does not want to believe him that rabbits like carrots and pushes him out of the room.

Arthur and D.W. continue arguing during dinner. Mrs. Read reminds her daughter of a book called ‘Hopalong Bunny’ and reads it to her. D.W. is sad that Larry does not get to “eat greeny grass” and “sniff the fruity air” like the bunny in the book.

The next day, D.W. tries to walk Larry in the yard using Pal’s leash. By the time she notices that the leash has slipped off Larry, he is gone. She panics.

Arthur helps D.W. to search. Eventually he takes D.W. to ask Ladonna for help, since she is good with pets.

Ladonna is able to follow Larry’s tracks as far as the neighbor’s yard. She consoles D.W., telling her that early evening is the safest time for a bunny to be outside. Arthur fetches a carrot and Ladonna sits in a circle of rabbit food and uses a magic rabbit call.

Larry hops across the Tibbles’ yard. The twins try in vain to catch him.

Larry returns to the Reads’ yard where Ladonna is still calling for him. Arthur uses pieces of carrot to get him near enough for Ladonna to catch him. In the meantime, D.W. has fallen asleep listening to Bud’s stories.

The kids put D.W. in bed and Larry in his cage. D.W. dreams that she is in the book ‘Hopalong Bunny’ and the rabbit hops away. When she wakes up and sees Larry, she believes that everything was just a dream. When the Tibbles call to jeer at her, she does not believe them. Arthur gives Larry another piece of carrot, which Larry eats. D.W. admits that maybe Arthur does know something about rabbits.






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  • Tommy and Timmy's voice actors get mixed up.


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