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Public Transportation



First Appeared (cartoon)

"Lost!" (first major appearance)

The bus is used for transportation around Elwood City and has been seen many times around Elwood City. The bus goes as far as the end of town as revealed by Buster in the episode Lost! The bus also played a huge role in the same episode where Arthur fell asleep on the bus and got lost when he got off at the last stop, which was at the end of town.

The only known bus driver that operates the route is Sam (Bus Driver) although other bus drivers have been seen operating buses around Elwood City. The buses used around Elwood City are based on the old Flxible New Look type buses that were built between 1960 and 1978, which makes the buses seen around Elwood City very old and the buses themselves appear to be between 35 and 40 feet long depending on the route.

They featured a red and blue stripe on the side of the bus, but later on in the series it's been changed to green. Another type of bus is seen in the episode D.W.'s Time Trouble. The bus in the episode looks very different compared to ones seen throughout the series.

That bus is based on the AM General's Metropolitan Series buses that were built from 1974 to 1978 by the AM General company. It could also be based on the Flyer Industries D800/D800B, which are identical to the Metropolitan Series from AM General.



  • The buses in Elwood City appear to look like the ones seen in Canada due to the double front and back doors. This also makes sense since the show is obviously a Canadian show.
    • This however would be considered an error as no Flxible New Look type buses were ever built or transferred to Canada. Only the New Look buses built by General Motors Diesel Division (a branch off of General Motors Corporation in the United States) made it to Canada.
    • This would also mean that the other bus seen in "D.W.'s Time Trouble" could potentially be a Flyer Industries D800/D800B type bus, which are literally identical to the AM General buses just built by different manufacturers. Since the location of Elwood City is unknown it's difficult to tell.