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"Buster's Carpool Catastrophe"
Season/Series: 15
Number in season: 6b
Original Airdate: United States June 15, 2012[1]
Canada May 21, 2013[3]
United Kingdom January 21, 2011[2]
Australia October 14, 2010[citation needed]
Germany December 30, 2012[4]
Written by: Elliott Thomson
Storyboard by: Tapani Knuutila
Jean Lajeunesse
Rob Clark
"Grandpa Dave's Memory Album"
"Prunella the Packrat"
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"Buster's Carpool Catastrophe" is the second half of the sixth episode in the fifteenth season of Arthur.


To attend a cooking class run by famous chef François Puffeau, Muffy has to carpool with Buster and Arthur after the Crosswire limousine breaks down. Buster wants this to be the best carpool ever, but his rolling party on wheels turns into a disaster. Can the kids stop fighting long enough to see the sights right in front of them?


In the introduction, Arthur, Buster, and Muffy attend a cooking class with former TV chef François Puffeau, who tells them that they will start with making bread. Arthur is disappointed, because he wanted to learn how to make a fruit pastry for his dad’s birthday.

Buster’s Carpool Catastrophe

Muffy plans to make her own cooking show. When Bailey wants to take her to the next cooking class, the limousine will not start. He calls Mrs. Baxter, who agrees to drive Muffy along with Buster and Arthur. Buster thinks it will be a party on wheels.

The old “Baxtermobile” arrives at the mansion ten minutes late and Muffy has trouble shutting the door.

After picking up Arthur, Buster wants to play “I Spy”. Muffy notices a bag of fruit that Arthur brought. She wants him to remove it. When the car drives over a pothole, the fruit spills over her. The CD player is broken and the air conditioning barely works. When Muffy opens the window, her bonnet flies out. She calls the carpool a disaster.

At the cooking class, Muffy does not want to get dirty, so Puffeau covers her in flour. He does not like the fruit Arthur brought, but praises Buster's dough, even though Buster did nothing except to watch it rise.

The next day, Muffy is annoyed to learn that the limousine will take longer to fix and her dad wants her to go on carpooling.

In the car, Muffy wants Buster to film an interview with her, but he does not ask the right questions. Buster has brought raw eggs, which worries Arthur. The normal exit is closed because of road work, so Mrs. Baxter turns on the Motorloco L-17, which directs her to an exit that does not exist. When she pulls over to look at the map, the kids get covered in egg. They arrive late for class and have to peel onions, though Puffeau acknowledges that having fun is important and that Muffy does look like a cook now.

On the day of the last cooking class, Buster is disillusioned about the carpool. His mom puts some car bingo sheets in the backseat and the kids have fun playing the game. They have to stop on a country road where Mrs. Baxter changes a tire. Muffy is inspired to start a mechanic show. Arthur buys a cake for his dad and some peaches from a farm stand. Muffy admits that she had more fun getting to the class than attending it, and the kids decide to skip class and just drive around.







In the U.S., this marked:

  • The last aired episode to use traditional animation.
  • The last aired episode to be produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment, before it was merged with DHX Media.

Running gag: The GPS taking them to the wrong place.

Episode connections[]

  • The song on the radio is also heard in "Poor Muffy."


  • In all scenes inside the car, the window cranks disappear.


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