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Buster's Growing Grudge (game)
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Game type Educational
Release Date 2017
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Buster's Growing Grudge is an educational online game based on the episode with the same name. It is part of the "Being a Friend" series, and the topic is "Forgiveness."


The game plays through a trimmed-down version of the story in the episode. Screenshots from the episode and speech bubbles are presented in a panel format. Occasionally, a splash screen will appear with a discussion question for the reader, such as if the reader thinks if Binky stole Buster's joke on purpose and why. The grudge is shown as a green blob sticking out of Buster's backpack, and it will grow and shrink depending on the events of the ending, where the reader can tell Buster what he should do about his grudge against Binky, such as confronting Binky or talking to Arthur.


Differences from the Episode

Page 1

  • The intro before the title card is cut and Mr. Ratburn narrates the title instead of Binky.
  • Bizti is cut from the scene.
  • There is an alarm clock that shows each time Buster spent watching Bionic Bunny.

Page 2

  • Binky saying he would be the second person is cut.
  • When Buster was up to read his report, he did not imagine everyone as aliens.

Page 3

  • Buster showed Arthur his grade in the school corridor but in the comic, he talks about his report when playing checkers and the picture from the school corridor is shown.
  • The soccer scene is cut and goes straight to the Sugar Bowl.



  • There exists five unused sprites for the grudge.

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