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Buster's Movie Maker
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Game Information
Game type Understanding emotions
Main character(s) Buster Baxter, various
Platform Online
Website link Play now!

Buster's Movie Maker was a game on the Arthur page of the PBS Kids website.


Buster's instructions:

"I tell you what kind of movie I want, then I show you a movie that has some things wrong with it.

Your job is to make the movie more like I want it: either happier, sadder, funnier, scarier, or more exciting.

You do this by changing what you see and what you hear in the movie.

You can change what appears outside the window, who appears outside the door, and what's inside the box. You can also change the sounds for each item, and the music on the whole movie.

Click on the picture of the part you want to change, or on the "music" button."



  • The Postcards from Buster theme song, "Hey, Buster!," is available as a music choice for the door scene, under the name "Buster's Music."
  • The Dark Bunny theme song is available as a music choice for the door scene, under the name "Dark Bunny's Music."
  • The art style of the movie resembles Arthur's drawings in "Crushed."
  • The Dark Bunny Mobile can be chosen as a vehicle.

Play the Game

The game is unfortunately unavailable on, so instead you must play it on the web archive here: