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"Buster Gets Real"
Season/Series: 11
Number in season: 8b
Original Airdate: United States September 5, 2007[1]
Canada October 24, 2007[3]
United Kingdom January 2, 2008[2]
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Elie Klimos
Elise Benoit
"Francine's Pilfered Paper"
"D.W. on Ice"
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"Buster Gets Real" is the second half of the eighth episode in the eleventh season of Arthur.


Everyone loves the new reality-TV series except Arthur.


This episode starts as an introduction to a reality show called Top Supermarket Clerk. Arthur's family has really gotten into this show, but Arthur hates it. He wants to watch Bionic Bunny but is forced by his family to wait until Top Supermarket Clerk is over. Arthur says to the viewers, “Why does it seem that your family never ever likes the things you do?” He points out to the viewers that best friends are better because they actually like the activities the viewers do.

Buster Gets Real

Arthur's family is watching Top Supermarket Clerk again. He waits for it to finish so he can play a Bionic Bunny show that Buster recorded. But when he finally plays the tape, the Top Supermarket Clerk theme song comes on again, along with a full episode. Thinking Buster gave him the wrong tape, Arthur returns it, yet Buster still says that it is the right one.

Buster has become a huge fan of the new reality show. His room is full of Top Supermarket Clerk merchandise, and he says he does not like Bionic Bunny anymore, saying that it is just a made-up show. Arthur can not believe that his best friend no longer likes Bionic Bunny. He walks back home in a miserable state and has a daydream.

In his dream, Arthur visits Bionic Bunny to find a way to change Buster's mind about the show. Bionic Bunny flies Arthur to Reality TV headquarters, a giant skyscraper in a large city. Disguised as TV executives, the pair enters the building. They find a room filled with file cabinets of all viewers of the reality show. Buster's file says, ‘brainwashed by food’, so Arthur understands why his friend likes the show so much. Bionic Bunny leaves, saying that he cannot help Arthur anymore and the daydream ends.

The next day, Arthur phones Buster to see if he wants to go to a Bionic Bunny movie at the theater. Buster does not want to go, but Arthur bribes him with food, offering to pay for all the popcorn and soda. Buster does not enjoy the movie. He says that Bionic Bunny is not real with all of those superpowers. Arthur lets him leave the movie early, since he really just wants to check for news on the Top Supermarket Clerk website.

At school the next day, Arthur eats lunch with Brain instead of with Buster. Brain tells Arthur that reality shows are not actually real- just written that way. Arthur tells Buster this, but Buster still says he likes the reality show more. Arthur gets offended because he wants his best friend to like the same activities as himself.

That evening, Arthur dreams about Bionic Bunny again. The superhero gives Arthur new advice: watch the reality show to see why Buster likes it. The dream ends and Arthur gets an idea. He invites Buster to his house the next day to watch Top Supermarket Clerk together. Buster agrees, confused with Arthur's change of mind.

Arthur wants to look like he enjoys the show, so he gets D.W. to teach him about it and its characters. D.W. knows everything about Top Supermarket Clerk. With her help, Arthur becomes as knowledgeable as any fan of the show. But when Buster comes to watch the show with Arthur that night, Arthur gets bored with the show again. He actually snoozes through the entire episode.

Arthur gets worried that Buster will not be his friend anymore, as they each like different TV shows. But Arthur remembers that they still have other activities in common, like Henry Skreever and The Sugar Bowl. Arthur and Buster realize that best friends do not have to have everything in common to be friends.






  • Moral: You can have different interests than your friend and still be friends with them.
  • After this episode, Buster returns to watching Bionic Bunny after realizing that he really does not like watching reality shows.

Cultural references[]


  • Arthur has a dream about visiting Bionic Bunny's lair, and after his dream, the ripple ends it, and he is suddenly already up with his glasses on.

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