"Buster Isn't Buying It"

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Season/Series: 19 (USA)
18 (UK)
Number in season: 5A (US)[1]
17 (UK)[2]
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States June 2, 2015[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom March 17, 2015[2][3][4]
Flag of Australia May 5, 2015[5]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill
"Dueling Detectives!"
"One Ornery Critter"

"Buster Isn't Buying It" is the first half of the fifth episode in the nineteenth season of Arthur.


Aliens, conspiracy theories, the megatoad...Buster believes in everything! That is until his favorite show gets cancelled for false reporting. Now the new Buster isn't buying anything! Can Arthur and friends convince him to have a little faith?[6]


The episode begins with a TV show, with a man talking about the wildlife in Elwood City, and asking if there's something under the water that's dangerous. Buster calls Mr. Morris on the phone and asks what he thinks it is. Mr. Morris, who's also watching the show, responds that he doesn't know, and is nervous to find out. The host of the TV show continues to say that him, and a group of scientists are trying to find out if a giant, carnivorous toad called the Megatoad really exists. Mr. Morris asks Buster about whether or not he thinks the Megatoad is real, and Buster, who has dropped his popcorn on the floor, says that he believes it because it is on TV.

Buster Isn't Buying It

Brain is closing down his ice cream shop for the day, while Buster is talking about the Megatoad. Arthur, who is doing his homework, states that there is no such thing as a Megatoad. Buster insists that there is, because he saw it on The Factoid Front. Brain says that Martin Spivack, the show host, isn't a real doctor. Buster responds that he is a doctor of forensic speculography. Arthur does not understand what that is. Buster doesn't either, but he wrote it down because he wants to study it when he's older. Brain says that The Factoid Front is full of flawed science, but Buster says that it is where he gets all his best information. Brain calls him gullible, which offends Buster, and he runs out of the store, saying, "Let's see who gets the last laugh when Megatoads are hopping down Main Street!"

Later, Ms. Baxter reads the newspaper to Buster, which has an article saying that The Factoid Front has been cancelled due to the flawed science that Brain had mentioned earlier. Buster says that he believed it, and his mother responds that lots of people did as well.

That evening, Buster telephones Arthur, saying that he was right about Megatoads not existing. Arthur says that it's a good thing, but Buster is worried about being gullible. Arthur awkwardly states that Buster is not gullible, but does have a big imagination, then starts saying, "Like if I told you I saw some flashing lights in the sky right now.." Buster thinks that Arthur really did see flashing lights and gets excited. When Arthur points out that he's being hypothetical, Buster decides that he really is gullible. Arthur tries to say that it isn't a bad thing, but Buster hangs up.

The next day, he puts all his alien paraphernalia in a box marked "free stuff" and puts it on the sidewalk. George is surprised, and asks why Buster is getting rid of it. Buster replies that it belonged to his "old self" and that he's going to only believe things that can be 100% proven. He leaves, and George takes the box.

On the way to school, Arthur tries to tell Buster, who is eating an apple, about The Factoid Front being cancelled. Buster says that he knows, but that the "new Buster" says, "good riddance." Arthur is wondering what Buster means by "new Buster." Buster replies that he is now only accepting things that can be scientifically proven. Arthur tries to get Buster to read his horoscope. Buster wants to, but he doesn't want to believe in astrology. He throws the newspaper and the core of his apple away and they keep walking, but Buster comes back and reads the horoscope: Take advice from an old friend. Arthur clears his throat, but Buster claims he was not finished with the apple core and puts it in his pocket.

Later, Buster is about to play as a batter in baseball, and Francine wishes him luck. Buster says that the "new Buster" doesn't believe in luck. He then starts wondering if luck has been scientifically proven, which distracts him into striking out.

Some time later, Arthur says that he and Buster need to bring umbrellas, as the forecast predicted rain. Buster doesn't want to take an umbrella because it's not definite. When it rains, he says that it is simply a coincidence.

At the ice cream shop, Francine says that she misses the old Buster as he was better at baseball. Arthur says that the old Buster was more fun. They suggest that Brain talks to him and tells him that monsters exist. Brain, who doesn't believe in monsters either, says that he cannot tell Buster that. Arthur says that he could tell him something else.

Later, in Buster's room, Brain shows Buster a photo of an amphibian. Buster asks if it is a Megatoad, to which Brain replies that it is a tree frog, not a Megatoad, and that tree frogs can survive after being frozen. Buster asks why Brain is telling him this, to which Brain quickly explains that there is a slim chance that a Megatoad could have survived, which makes him lightheaded. Buster asks Brain for proof, and when he can offer none, Buster says that Brain is no better than Martin Spivack, which offends him.

In the tree house, Brain says to Francine and Arthur that Buster called him a forensic speculographist. Francine, who is playing with a ball, asks what that is. Brain doesn't know, but he thinks it sounds offensive. Arthur then suggests hypnotizing Buster, but Brain has a different idea, and he asks them if either of them have a big tarp.

The three use supplies to make a fake Megatoad. Arthur phones up Buster, asking if he wants to go for a walk as it's a beautiful day. Buster asks if Arthur can prove it, to which Arthur replies, in a frustrated manner, that Buster can look out the window. Buster does, and agrees to meet Arthur in five minutes.

On their walk, Francine and Brain, dressed up as the Megatoad, show up, and Arthur pretends not to know what it is. Pal then runs up and pulls the costume off. Arthur says that they wanted the old Buster back. Buster wants his old self back as well, but wonders why he should believe something if it can't be proven.

That evening, Mr. Morris phones Buster, telling him that he saw a U.F.O.. Buster asks Mr. Morris why he believes in aliens, and Mr. Morris explains to Buster that there are a lot of things that people don't know about space yet. He believes in aliens because it makes life more interesting.

Buster agrees, gets his alien paraphernalia back from George, and tells Brain a hypothesis he has on how a Megatoad could still exist. This annoys Brain, because he is doing his homework.






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