Slink: Ladies and germs, gather round! Our good friend Buster the Brave will now do something so incredibly amazing!

Toby: Something so shocking, horrible, and embarrassing!

Arthur: WHOA! WAIT A SECOND! STOP EVERYTHING! Something is very wrong with this picture. First of all, he (Slink) called Buster "brave". Buster brave? You should have seen him on Halloween!


Buster: (gasps) Arthur, aliens!

Arthur: Buster, it's just a costume!

Buster: Oh, yeah. I forgot. (screams) Arthur, pirates!

Arthur: Oh, brother.

(End of flashback)

Arthur: And second of all, if Buster's their good friend, why does he look so nervous? And what's in this bag, anyway? (he looks in Slink's bag) Oh, no!

(Title card)

Binky: (V.O.) Buster and the Daredevils.

(roaring; laughter)


Arthur and Buster have dressed up “cool” to impress Slink and Toby. Buster wears sunglasses. Arthur wears what seems to be baggy pants.

Arthur: I don't know about this, Buster. These are my dad's shorts. I'm afraid they're gonna fall down.

Buster: Trust me, Arthur, this is going to work. Just let me do the talking.

Arthur: All right. How do I look.

Buster: Great. At least I think so. I can't really see anything.

They walk into the burger joint, where Slink and Toby are eating. Buster walks into an empty chair.

Buster: Oh!    Arthur points the right way.      Hey, fresh dudes. Mind if we chill your crib?

Slink: What??

Buster: Me and my homefry here would like to be in your possum... I mean, hehe, posse.

Toby: Er... What's he trying to say?

Arthur: He's asking if you could show us some of those cool skate tricks, and, you know, just let us hang out with you guys.     Slink and Toby look at each other.

Slink+Toby: Nyaa.


For the next dare, Buster walks into the Sugar Bowl, where Francine, Sue Ellen, Arthur and Binky are sitting.

Arthur: Hi, Buster. Did those guys teach you some cool skate tricks yet.

Buster: Excuse me, Arthur. Er, Binky, I have a message for you. 

Binky: What?

Buster: Um, let me think. Oh yeah, your mother eats gym shorts.

Binky: What?!

Francine+Sue Ellen: Hh!

Arthur: Hh!     

Buster returns to Slink and Toby with an ice cream cup in his face.

Buster: Phew, that wasn't so bad. Mmm, strawberry

Slink+Toby: (laugh)


Buster got a new dare while playing baseball.

Buster: Psst Francine, I need advice!

Francine: What does he need advice for? All he has to do is run home as fast as he can.

Francine walks up to Buster. He kisses her.

Brain: Where's he going now?

Arthur: He's running home as fast as he can

Francine: Buster Baxter, I'm gonna pulverize you!


Slink and Toby want Buster to eat a cricket as a dare.

Buster: You eat it!

Slink: What?

Buster: I dare YOU to eat the bug!

Toby: Come on, how stupid do you think he is?

Slink: Yeah, how stupid do you think I am?

Buster: Ohhh, you're saying it would be stupid to do something just because somebody dared you to do it?

Slink: That's right!

Buster: Well thank you for telling me, I guess I won't eat it then.   He hands Slink the jar and leaves.

Toby: Wait, er.. I mean... Slink?

Slink: Nice work, Einstein!


Buster and Brain are playing with transformers.

Buster: (robot voice:) You may be tricky, Brainbot, but I bet there's one thing you can't transform into.

Brain: (robot voice:) I can transform into anything.

Buster: (robot voice:) I dare you to turn into a washing machine.     Brain presses a button on his transformer, which transforms into a washing machine.   Quickly, Captain Astorine, put your dirty laundry in him! You shouldn't do something just because somebody dares you, Brain. Don't you know that? I though everybody knew that.

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